browsers not working

By kranskop267 ·
I have tried IE8, Firefox and Opera to access the internet - no results, not even "page cannot be displayed". Even tried to log onto the adsl modem using the given IP (10.0...) but failed. However, email works fine (sending and receiving), can access the internet through wireless phone connection. Any suggestions on how to solve?

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by TobiF In reply to browsers not working

Probably, there are problems with your current DNS servers.
Try changing to some other, publicly available DNS servers, rather than using the servers you get from your ISP.
One such service is opendns, another is googledns.
If you want to give googledns a try, then enter and as your dns servers.

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by Jon In reply to browsers not working

Have you checked your anti-virus for being switched into a "lock-down" mode not allowing access out through your browser. Can you use command line to ping and trace out to other domains via IP and DN? Start with checking out the anti-virus first, just disable it and see if you can make an outgoing request.

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From the standard list: Proxy settings

by TobiF In reply to browsers not working

When specifically the browser doesn't reach the internet, that may be caused by proxy settings, but Opera doesn't use the Windows "internet settings" but has its own. Therefore I'd first bet on the DNS, as I posted in my previous entry.

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