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Hi, i read the other browseui.dll problem but mine seems to be more of a problem,im not very technically gifted so if you reply, can it be in detail?.

ok the problem being, the loss of the file browseui.dll when i start my computer up, it gets to the 'welcome' screen with blue background. this then comes up with the error message ' cannot find the file browseui.dll please try reinstalling this' however i have tried starting in safe mode and it comes with the same error message meaning i cannot logon to reinstall it or fix it. please can someone help as i cant do anything till it is fixed?

Thank you in advance
Robert Fallows

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by camerond In reply to browseui.dll

This is an easy one. You need a fresh copy of the browseui.dll. You can get this from <a href=" ">here.</a> Place onto a floppy or USB drive. As the GUI won't come up, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to access the task manager. From there click File-New Task(Run). Type cmd and press enter. In the command prompt type: copy e:\browseui.dll c:\windows\system32 and press enter.
That should take care of the problem.

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what if the task manager also cannot be find?

by haynna_laey In reply to browseui.dll

how can i do this instruction if my task manager cannot be found also?

please help me with this...

thanks alot

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If you can't get Task Manager

by BobDinan In reply to what if the task manager ...

If ctrl-alt-del doesn't bring up the ability to access task manager then you can try booting from a floppy, usb device, or cd/dvd and when you get the DOS prompt copy the file over. Or you can boot to safe mode with a DOS prompt and then copy the file from a floppy or cd/dvd disk.

I just did this for a co-worker by the way. I was able to access task manager so I did it that way.

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browseui.dll help

by eddy140 In reply to browseui.dll

i copyed and pasted e:\browseui.dll c:\windows\system32 to the cmd put it keeps saying The device is not ready... can u help?

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MS Article

by Mad1336 In reply to browseui.dll help

Just got a customer asking the same question.
Hope this article is of any use.**4222

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