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    Browsing My Computer on Win98


    by the clam ·


    I just recently took over administration of a school network with a combination of Windows 98 and 2000 machines running under a 2000 server. The network is guaranteed by the people we lease (some of) the computers from, so they have clamped everything down very tightly, and have put in disclaimers about not supporting this that and the other…

    A couple of programs we use here (and we *need* one of them) work fine under 2000 (where you can see the contents of My Computer) but not under 98, where you cannot. Basically when you try to save things it shows no drives available to save onto unless you’re administrator.

    I managed to fiddle with the shortcut so it runs in H: (user’s individual area)- this lets me save to H: but not see what files are there. Can’t open files from within the program, can’t open H: in explorer (it’s restricted).

    Is it really a risk to security to allow browsing of resources that you already have access to? All user logins are able to read/write to a variety of drives, as long as you tell it where to look, but that’s a pain.

    The guys that guarantee the network reckon it’s not doable without giving everyone administrator rights, which obviously they refuse to cover us for. I think that’s wrong – they obviously turned something off in a policy editor which wants to be back on to make the system usable.

    Any ideas?

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      Browsing My Computer on Win98

      by vladimir b. kropotov ·

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      If you map drives from w2k – check authentification level on server, may be it not support lanman authentification to avoid downgrade attacks…

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        Browsing My Computer on Win98

        by the clam ·

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        The drives map fine and are accessible from the Windows 98 machines, but browsing of drives is not allowed. I don’t know why they did this as explorer is set to deny browsing anywhere other than the “common” drive anyway.

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