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    Brrr snowy Canada, LOL


    by oz_media

    I always joke about how mild it is here, whiel it snows everywhere else. We are STILL caslled teh great white North, even though we see very little actual snow in Vancouver and area.

    This weekend we got snow, YAAAAAY, yup a bunch of white stuff. Hey, it’s less than a foot but still manages to practically shut down the city.

    The area I live in is very hilly so the crews are on alert and eth city budget is there to keep roads salted and plowed. But it’s still the most snow (less than a foot) that we’ve had in November in FIFTY ONE YEARS!!!

    So needless to say the drive to work was a BLAST, nobody on the road, just cruised in like it was a Sunday afternoon. I would take this over rush hour any day of the week! It will give the global warming zealots something to work on too!

    So… it just me or does anyone else have snow now?

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      Not much

      by onbliss

      In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

      …in Central Minnesota so far this year.

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        50 some degree’s in cleveland ohio

        by danlm

        In reply to Not much

        Sunny, blue sky.

        Only had flurries so far this year.

        And I am very happy about that, thank you.

        Keep the snow please. Lol


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          Same overhere

          by rob mekel

          In reply to 50 some degree’s in cleveland ohio

          8 to 12 C (46 to 54 F), rain / sun
          Mostly the weekday’s are sunny and the weekend are rainy. I hate it when it is that way.

          But overall it’s nice and easy weather 馃檪
          [i]will it ever snow so we can go skiing[/i]


          [i]edited for italic error[/i]

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      Well it’s a bit nippy over here

      by tony hopkinson

      In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

      no snow yet, though.
      Hopefully we’ll get the right sort now the Bishop of Lincoln has blessed the gritters.


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      by jamesrl

      In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

      We had people golfing over the weekend in 12 degree weather (celcius).


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        I went to the driving range, -2 degrees.

        by oz_media

        In reply to Golf

        Better than staying home.

        When the snow melts they’ll find the balls I guess.

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          What do you live in ????????

          by drowningnotwaving

          In reply to I went to the driving range, -2 degrees.

          [i]”driving range, – 2 degrees. Better than staying at home”.[/i]

          What do you live in? A cave?

          Just exactly how do you swing a Big Bertha with 2 anoraks and 4 pairs of thermal underwear on, wearing snow shoes and an oxygen tank?

          The least you can do is run down to the end of the driving range, drop a couple of personalised balls off at about 320 yards and make a few bets for spring.

          I can’t beleive we’re making jokes about balls in snow. Hurts just to think about it . . .

          Now of course my wife and I went to our mate’s beach house on Saturday – 36 degrees (proper degrees that is – warm ones). B-)

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          Just exactly how do you swing

          by oz_media

          In reply to What do you live in ????????

          But not being a pu$$y and just wearing a long sleeved crewkneck. You know a Henley style shirt?

          Driving rangs are generally topped with ceramic bar heaters, for hitting on a rainy day. But unless you are slow and lethargic, how can smashing a few hundred balls possibly be a cold activity?

          Its nearly 20 below with the wind shill factr today, but it’s still sunny and nice out. The trees look incredible with snow covered limbs, its another great day to bash the crap out of a bucket of golf balls.

          The snow is a real rarity here, 51 years since the last one like this in November. I am trying tyo get my Eastern client to come and pick up their shipment as it landed a little early on its way back east.

          I last remember snow like this (in Vancouver) being somewhere around 1985-86, in late winter.

          It’s great, I can drive to work without rush hour traffic, just blaze along listening to tunes and not worrying about what the tool next to me is doing.

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          by jaqui

          In reply to Just exactly how do you swing

          you missed the 90-91 dumping?
          every wednesday in February we got dumped on.. 18″ of snow.

          and it stuck around until the end of March.

          I remember cause I was working in the kitchen at a Keg and we got pounded for dinner because of the snow storm every wednesday.
          We did a friday night business on those wednesday nights. 馃榾
          [ it was March when they promoted me to manager of that kitchen .. might have something to do with handling the unexpected volume those nights ]

          I just love watching the morons that don’t know how to handle the snow.. as long as I’m not on the road myself.. or even at ground level.

          Side Note:
          they lifted the water warning the day after the snow / arctic airflow hit.

          Last time we had an Arcic Airmass hit us that I remember was 88-89, in the lower mainland we had -20 C with a wind chill of -19 C
          but it was the dry cold that they get out east, not our normal humid cold, so it only felt as cold as the current -6 C
          [ TWN temp display right now ]

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          Wasn’t here

          by oz_media

          In reply to 85-86?

          I was in Rossland, 5′ + but dry so you didn’t nitice teh chill. Not as damp and slushy as teh Vancouver sludge either.

          Which kegger were you at? the good ones are all close dnow, Keg on 5 road in Richmond’s still pretty good though.

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          by jaqui

          In reply to Wasn’t here

          the one right by Highway 1.
          [ no wonder we got slammed from the traffic snarl huh? 馃榾 ]

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          Oh that one’s not bad

          by oz_media

          In reply to Wasn’t here

          Still around too, I think, or is it a Sammy Peppers now?

          Was at the Boathouse (Rmd.) a while ago. Okay but not what it usd to be. Still a great selection of seafoods of course, but it sems to have slipped due to popularity and less of a need to stand out from the crowd.

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          nope he lives

          by jaqui

          In reply to What do you live in ????????

          in a dungeon. ]:)

          remember, -2 degrees Centigrade is around +30 Farenheit.

          0 C is the freezing point of water.
          so it really isn’t that cold.

          10 C is shorts and t-shirt weather.

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          by oz_media

          In reply to nope he lives

          what he said, actually, my friends call my place ‘The Cave’. I wont say why. 馃檪

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          Had a few places like that open up last year

          by jdclyde

          In reply to I went to the driving range, -2 degrees.

          They have covered and heated platforms for you to hit off of, so you can be out there all year long.

          My Uncle JUST gave me his old set of clubs, so I have to get out this week and give them a swing. Swinging at leaves in my yard just didn’t properly scratch that itch! (set of CopperHeads) Don’t know much about them yet, but they have to be better than my old “PalmSprings” that my step-dads step-dad got for me out of a rummage sale down in Florida.

          The other option is I go to my buds house and we whack a bunch of water balls into the corn fields across the road……

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          by jamesrl

          In reply to Had a few places like that open up last year

          We have golf domes where you can hit in shirtsleeves – long sleeves though, they don’t get the heat up to 70 degrees.

          I’m for thinking that clubs make mostly a psychological improvement. One of my friends who almost went pro bought a new set recently and actually went up in score until he got used to them. But he shoots mid to high seventies.

          It took me a couple of buckets to figure out my new clubs, and my old clubs were so old, my woods were made of…..wood.


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          We have a few domes as well

          by jdclyde

          In reply to Domes

          and they are nicely heated. The outdoor ones are better when available though because you can’t tell if your hooking/slicing in a dome and I have seen people ruin their swing that way.

          I have a wooden putter……

          Just about everything the boys and I use are hand-me-downs. I have also gotten some good deals on drivers, because my cousin is a golf pro down in Indiana. Gave my newest one to Thing One because he hits it better than I do, a Taylor. Nice club. He was at the age of 14, out driving me most of the summer. Told him I was taking the driver back….. :0

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          by oz_media

          In reply to We have a few domes as well

          Sounds cool. We get the full open ranges, heated stalls (they have long ceramic heaters overhead). Automatic ball machines are nice though so you are not bending to tee up every minutes or so. It just spits out a ball, it comes to a rest on teh nat in a little cup, a tee pops up from under the ball and lifts it to your preset tee height.

          Sounds pretty cool huh? Lots of pro style golf up here! (not from my bag though, don’t get me wrong)

          I got a full set of Calloways as a prize at a golf tournament a few years back, I played for a year or so with them and gave them away, Big B’s and all. I went back to my $300.00 Top Flite’s, still hit longer and straighter than I ever did with the Call’s anyway.

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          almost got a set last year

          by jdclyde

          In reply to Domes

          my cousin had a set that was left over from last year, so was going to clearance them out for me. $200 clams for a never used set, but I had just dumped $800 sending my boys to camp and didn’t have cash in hand to spend on myself. oh well.

          I do like the way king cobras swing.

          I am far from a serious player though. Just love to have an excuse to get outside, and it is a good activity to do with my boys.

          Never seen an auto tee machine. What will they think of next…..

          I go to the Domes on Sunday mornings because the local golf shop takes in about 20 different sets that you can swing for free to check them out. Bought my Hogan hybrid there and love it. My bud will out drive me by about 20 yards, but then my second hit goes about 60 further than his second. Now if I could stop lipping the cup on my putts, I would be able to beat him more than half the time!

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      No snow in San Fran

      by mjd420nova

      In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

      It has to get oretty cold to snow here. There is snow in the Sierra though. Not unusual to get over 12 feet of snow up there. I grew up in Minneapolis, so I know what that white stuff is all about. We learned to ice skate as soon as we learned to walk, as sometimes that’s the only way you could get around. Now snow in Seattle is another story, I ‘ve only seen it once. We do get snow on the coastal hills near San Fran but it has to get pretty cold and it doesn’t stay long.

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      by bob in calgary

      In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

      A few inches of snow, -28 Celsius and a wind chill of -40 Celsius. (50km/hr winds out of the North)

      The sort of day you just want to cuddle up with the girlfriend.

      • #3224493

        Yeah Bobm we;ve been meaning to contact you

        by oz_media

        In reply to Yup

        It seems your load of snow was dropped off a few hundred kilometers west of the intended D.Z.

        We will hang on to it for you, but if you can send the Flames and Stampeders (What else are they gonna do, play sport? That’s a good one!) along to pick it up, we’d appreciate the help.

      • #3224406

        heya Bob

        by rob mekel

        In reply to Yup

        So how you doing. Good to see that you’re back 馃檪

        BTW isn’t any day a day that you wanna cuddle up with the girlfriend ?:| Don’t know if it’s true for you but sure is for me. 馃檪

        With that kinda wind chill you don’t wanna go out. Just stay inside, around the fire, glass of wine, … well you get the picture 馃檪


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      It’s not Global Warming – it’s CLIMATE CHANGE

      by neilb@uk

      In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

      So, Oz, by the end of the week you’ll probably have another foot of snow and – just for balance – my house will be flooded.

      How selfish can you get?

      Neil :p

      Actually, it’s warm (for November) and wet over here.

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        Canadian Forecast update

        by jamesrl

        In reply to It’s not Global Warming – it’s CLIMATE CHANGE

        Torontonians are relishing the opportunity to rub it in as Vancouver is awaiting more snow later in the week.

        Toronto looks forward to 18 degree (celsius) weather on Thursday. Gee wonder if some of the outdoor patios will open up.


        • #3289251

          Yep. Climate Change

          by neilb@uk

          In reply to Canadian Forecast update

          You’ll be on the beach for Christmas lunch in a couple of years and it will all be Maxwell’s fault.


        • #3224491

          NO it won’t

          by oz_media

          In reply to Yep. Climate Change

          Because he’s not responsible………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Oh, sorry…for global warming, that is.

        • #3224487

          Laugh it up

          by jaqui

          In reply to Canadian Forecast update

          with an ICE STORM hitting northern Ontario today, you ain’t gonne be having fun for long. ]:)

          The real issue with unusually heavy snowfall out here is the lack of facilities for the region to deal with it.
          with only around 20 plows for the entire lower mainland, they have t salt/sand to handle snow, and it doesn’t work very well until people get out and drive on it to break the ice up so it wil work.

        • #3224473

          New West is great for it

          by oz_media

          In reply to Laugh it up

          Due ot the number of hills, our salt trucks are out early and running day in and day out.

          I live near a hospital so all roads are cleared or closed right away.

          New West is really a separate entity, we have our own hydro, power and roads crews etc. New West, once a separate entity is now still pretty much a lone entity even though not the capital anymore.

          As for water, I heard Vancouver had to wait until at least Thursday fo rthe ban to lift? They said it was getting there but needed final testing before it was considered good again.

        • #3224444

          water advisory

          by jaqui

          In reply to New West is great for it

          was lifted completely for downtown yesterday.

          I know NW is a separate entity in a lot of ways, they are part of the GVRD but only in a limited fashion.

          NW Power, they buy it from BC Hydro, so it’s just a middleman between you and BC Hydro 馃榾
          [ I did live in NW for years. ]

        • #3224436


          by oz_media

          In reply to water advisory

          Terasen gas now; I know, I know, and Telus isn’t BCHell anymore either.

          The nice thing is the reduced rates we pay compared to the Terasen pricing plan for residences. Seriously, it is REALLY cheap! Hydro is my lowest monthly expense by a really long shot, if only al my bills were for New West utilities.

          It’s kinda neat not being bound by GVRD though, if New West city doesn’t like the plan, they simply don’t follow it. I was at a couple of city council meetings last year, due to some court changes and upgrades I was interested in. These guys are really quite pissed at being ‘the old New West’, it’s changed so much out here and thy are really trying to set the pace instead of toeing the line.

          All in all though, it’s still New West, but it isn’t Surrey! (good ole Whalley) LOL

          But I am not really in downtown New West as most would see it, I am actually by RCH/former Labbatts bottling plant. Not quite Coquitlam, not quit North Burnaby, not quite New West. Being in limbo kinda suits me, doesn’t it? 馃檪

        • #3224382


          by jaqui

          In reply to Terasen

          a suburb of New West. :p

          what’s that term for a suburb of a suburb?
          exurb or something like that?

          actually, if you head just west of Columbia to richmond Street, you will see some of the houses that also grace the Queens Park area in NW, stately old mansions. Those beautiful old houses are reason enough to live in the area. 馃檪

          They are among the oldest houses in BC.

        • #3224276

          End of the street

          by oz_media

          In reply to Terasen

          Richmond is at the top of my street, I go past the houses every day.

          The only thing is, New West city hall are a dodgy lot. Deals go down that remind me of VanderScam land in Steveston. the entire BCPen was sold for 4 million to a private developer? That land was given to New West by the Queen, but 4 million? Try 40!

          Funny enough though, shortly after deals like that go down, all of a sudden New West is cleaning up the streets, expanding police and offering a crapload of money to restore heritage houses. yet our utilities are so very low. Wonder how many brown paper bags it takes to pass of 40 million or so? 馃檪

        • #3224371

          I will

          by jamesrl

          In reply to Laugh it up

          Only because of the number of smug Vancouverites who rub it in during our winters.

          No ice storm here today – we will get to 16 degrees celsius or about 60 degrees farenheit.

          We have had NO snow yet, none that didn’t melt when hitting the ground anyway, though I woke up a few days ago to frost on the ground for a moment I thought we had some.

          I let my Vancouver staff members work from home because they had water at home and none at work, and since they have laptops anyway they can still be productive.


        • #3224273

          Smuig Vancouverites

          by oz_media

          In reply to I will

          Yup, one in a million, laugh it up Fudsy.

          oh well make teh most of it, we’ll get another foot tonight and the streets will be great tomorrow, no idiots in transit, except me of course.

          but you guys really need ot make the most of it, do you really think we will ‘out winter’ you for long?

          Nope, we will have warmer days and rain while you guys get out the shovels, for a lot longer than we saw a little white that’s for sure. 馃檪

          Now how’s that for a smug Vancouverite. 馃檪

        • #3224272

          Pretty weak actually

          by jamesrl

          In reply to Smuig Vancouverites

          Hows this for a smug Vancouverite….

          …I don’t know why anyone would live in Toronto. Its cold and snowy in the winter, hot, sticky and smoggy in the summer. We have the sunshine, the beach (wreck beach) and great weather all year round.

          Gee I’ve spent time in Vancouver – where its rained like cats and dogs all week long and we never saw the sun.

          …Yeah people in Toronto can’t handle winter – remember the mayor who called in the army?

          Yes, the mayor called in the army when the ambulances couldn’t get through to pick up the people having heart attacks from shovelling snow. Nobody remembers that part. Of course by the time things got organized, the crisis was over.

          ……People in Toronto are so uptight.

          Yeah we are busy being the financial capital of the country. Excuse me, you didn’t need banks right?

          You think I’ve heard a few?


        • #3224185


          by oz_media

          In reply to Pretty weak actually

          Yeah I’ve heard that too, in jest.

          We have had fantastic weather,m unti lVERY recently. Almost no rain at all compared to most winters. IN teh fall and winter, our we get one rainy season, instead of a short rain and then frigid cold for a few months. This year it looks like we’ll get the reverse.

          Do I know Toronto, nto as well as other parts of Ontario, but I did live in Sarnia once and didn’t like it at all. I don’t visit anymore either, it’s really changed out there over the last 15 years it seems. Friends and coworkers in the area, dread it and hate going hoem when they are here.

          But, it’s not Quebec so you have that going for you.

          Either way, you can get me to leave here, the only other place in Canada that I’d consider is in teh Maritimes again, living in Sydney was such a nice experience, without the frickin snow all the time, it seemed endless.

          As for Vancouver, Wreck is hardly a beach. It’s a dump of a sandbar across the inlet from the sewage pipe that dumps into the Pacific form beside the Airport. The only thing that makes it popular is that it is clothing optional, is a GREAT place fo rUBC students to find and sell drugs and booze and is just a trendy place to talk about to people who haven’t been there. Even the main beaches, Kits and English Bay are just tourist traps.

          You want a real beach, visit Long Beach on Vancouver Island, now THERE’s a beach!

        • #3224798


          by jamesrl

          In reply to Pretty weak actually

          You can’t compare Sarnia to Toronto in any way shape or form.

          Toronto has a nightlife, theatres, restaurants, music. Sarnia has, well, petrochemical processing plant smells.

          Toronto has a little microclimate thing because of the combination of wind direction and proximity to the lake. It gets less snow than Sarnia (or even Buffalo) because of the wind direction, and the lake moderates things so that it doesn’t get as cold in winter or as hot in the summer.


        • #3224624

          Wasn’t intended as a direct comparisson

          by oz_media

          In reply to Pretty weak actually

          I was just showing that having lived in Ontario, and spent q fair deal of time in TO (obviously) that I am pretty familiar with the way of life there. I often travel to our TO office, hey it beats Montreal by a long shot (except the nightlife which really kicks in Montreal).

        • #3224607

          :p James

          by jaqui

          In reply to I will

          it’s above freezing and we have our rain back.

          guess what?
          winter is over here, it’s spring now. :p
          you poor deluded torontonian still have a full 5 months of winter to go through ]:)
          [ everyone in Toronto is deluded, they think it’s the center of Canada when it’s the @$$hole.. Ottawa is the prick, they shaft us all ]

          lets see, 365.25 days of rain is a good thing, to me.

          one day of snow is a bad thing.


        • #3223423

          Starts Saturday

          by oz_media

          In reply to :p James

          Snow headed for TO, -6 degrees and still snowing by next weekend.

          Time to pull out the muklucks and the touque. “They’re heeeeeeeerrrrrreeee!

          “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!” 馃檪

        • #3223352

          Where do you get weather reports?

          by jamesrl

          In reply to Starts Saturday

          Down at the bar??

          Its currently 3 degrees above zero, and raining. We may get some snow overnight, but sunshine tomorrow, so it will in all likelyhood melt.

          The long range forecast has next Thursday being the first day with over a 50% chance of precipitation.

          Actually I prefer a snow on the ground and sunshine to rain.


        • #3223184

          All over

          by oz_media

          In reply to Starts Saturday

          Now before you rang me, I believe in weather reports about as much as I do poliicians.

          Looking out teh window is generally more accurate. Not having that luxury, I am left to simply look at weather predictions.

          Those listed above, as well as local news, all show snow headed for Toronto. lows around -6 and long term forcasts lookin gworse. It’s on the way, but I didn’t say it was there yet.

      • #3224492

        Yeah I heard

        by oz_media

        In reply to It’s not Global Warming – it’s CLIMATE CHANGE

        I had band members (tha once lived out here) laughing heartily at me at about 3AM last week. Bastards!! I wil be over there in the summer and they are all dead!!!! Lets just see how fast their tracks get mixed now.

      • #3224404

        It’s warm, and that is an understatement

        by rob mekel

        In reply to It’s not Global Warming – it’s CLIMATE CHANGE

        It has been the warmest autumn since they started recording the temperature in 1706!!!
        so fare. (back then temp was measured in ?R?)

        Altho autumn isn’t over yet it looks as it’s gonna be at least an average ever high of 1.5 C over the last ever high of 2005. And … 2005 was an ever high of 1 C over the one before (1901)

        On November the rates and figures are even more extreme. See .
        I’m sorry that they’re in Dutch.

        The KNMI is the official Dutch weather forecast [i]yeah as if that is possible, but they’re getting better at it[/i] institute.


      • #3216677

        Make up your mind!

        by maxwell edison

        In reply to It’s not Global Warming – it’s CLIMATE CHANGE

        First you guys claim that “global warming” is caused by human activity. You even provided PROOF that the globe was indeed warming — and at absolutely alarming rates! But when your weak “proof” was debunked (warming has only been about one degree, plus or minus a one degree margin of error, and it’s thought to be part of a natural cycle), you change the mantra to “climate change”. Perhaps a claim that a region’s climate is actually changing might be more difficult to debunk, right? However, the “proof” that a region’s climate IS changing is just as difficult to actually prove and document. And I’ve seen no such “human-caused climate change” proof.

        The big change from “global warming” to “climate change” actually took place a couple of years ago, if I remember correctly, when the “proof” of “global warming” was actually becoming laughable, but at about the same time hurricanes in the USA (and south Atlantic) were becoming more common and more severe — at least if one listened to the self-appointed “experts”. 2004 was worse than previous years, or so they said, and 2005 was worse than 2004! Just wait till 2006, they warned, when hurricanes hitting the southeast USA will be even worse! And they WILL be worse because of “climate change”, they claimed! Well guess how many severe hurricanes hit the southeast USA in 2006? Twenty? Ten? Seven? Four? How about ZERO!

        You global warming zealots are really something. And Neil, for a guy who appears so bright in so many areas, you’re sure dim on this one. Make up your mind, will ya’? What will the next mantra be when the “climate change” myth is also debunked and it, too, runs out of wind and becomes laughable?

        First it was global cooling ….. then global warming ….. now climate change ….. next it will be …..

        By the way, Neil. Tell these “global warming – hurricanes will be worse” zealots that the new mantra is “climate change”. They must have missed the memo.

    • #3289250

      Wore short sleaves for hunting

      by jdclyde

      In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

      It was going back and forth between 40 and 60 F. (5 and 15 C)

      The only snow we got was last month.

      looking to get some Thursday though.

      I will get the fun of counting all the SUV’s and four wheel drive pickups in the ditch on my drive to and from work. These morons don’t understand the difference between 4wheel drive keeping you from getting stuck, and keeping traction at 80 mph. (128kph)

      So I would say, we have been hogging all the global warming this month! will have to get my coat out in a few daze….. 馃檨

      • #3289240

        What people forget….

        by jamesrl

        In reply to Wore short sleaves for hunting

        Four wheel drive helps get traction for accleration, but adds weight to the vehicle and does not one thing to help the vehicle stop. The added weight of 4WD will tend to make the vehicle harder to stop (unless they upgrade the brakes to compensate).

        I can’t remember where I saw it, but recently saw some TV footage of a car with FWD and good snow tires versus the same car with AWD and all seasons, driving through wintery conditions. Which one do you think handled better? The one with snow tires.

        I’ve driven all kinds of cars in the snow – from pickup trucks with RWD and no weight in the back to Toyota Tercels to Mustangs. The driver is the most important factor in winter driving, from my experience.

        We haven’t had our first snow yet, but people learn some lessons the hard way. Stupid things that people get away with on dry pavment in good conditions won’t work in snow because stopping distances are longer and the ability to maneouver is less.


        • #3289179

          Had first snow last month

          by jdclyde

          In reply to What people forget….

          but it didn’t stay for most of the state.

          The first good one always takes a lot of people by surprise, and they learn the hard way to change their driving to match the conditions.

          I have FWD, driving a Concorde and never have any problems other than morons pulling into the space I have left to give me proper stopping distance….. X-(

        • #3224490

          My more recent toy

          by oz_media

          In reply to What people forget….

          Used 97 Explorer V6-SOHC (MINT!) Every little thing you coul dpossibly do to service it since new. One owner, semi retired business owner who would drive form Kelowna to Vancouver every few months.

          full time or auto 4X4 traction control, 4 drilled disks,4-cylinder brake calipres, BRAND new M&S Uniroyals. Stopping form 50-60kms is a breeze on packed snow or ice, starting is a joke, you simply can’t get the tires to spin. Unlike the old days of blasting my pickup around in a mall parking lot.

          One good thing about this snow, it has kept rush hour to a real minimum, driving to work is a breeze, listening to some tunes, puffing a cigar and sipping on a large tea or decaf coffee with the heavy metal cranked (paints an odd picture, especially the cup of tea 馃檪 ). I’d take this over rush hour any day.

    • #3289195

      11 Farenheight Degrees – 6 inches of snow

      by wallowamichael

      In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

      Pretty close to Vancouver, globally speaking.
      In Oregon’s NE corner tucked under Washington and next to Idaho.
      More snow today – then clear and a high of 15F tomorrow – the kids are getting out their sleds.

      • #3224471

        Oregon GORGEOUS

        by oz_media

        In reply to 11 Farenheight Degrees – 6 inches of snow

        I think Oregon looks more like BC than anywhere else I’ve been. Trees, lots of green everywhere and the Pacific is a real buzz to watch on a stormy night while driving down the 101.

        I closed my office there (just outside of Salem) about 4 years ago (maybe more now). The one thing I miss about having US offices is the time I spent in Oregon, what beautiful country!

    • #3224374

      Set a record here

      by dmambo

      In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

      In my area, we’re about to set a mark as the least snowy November on record. We’ve had a whopping 1/2 inch (1cm) of snow. Tomorrow, we might set a record high temp.

      Even with those conditions, I went skiing Sunday in 50+ degree sunshine and the snow was actually pretty good. Modern snow-making technology is pretty amazing.

    • #3224263

      According to the almighty weather reporter

      by tig2

      In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

      Tomorrow it is supposed to snow. Got snow just before my birthday in October and nothing since. According to my trusty thermometer, it is currently 21 F outside. I am FREEZING!!!

      Yesterday we got enough rain to start thinking seriously about building an ark. But it was at least warmer. Today, all kinds of sunshine… and the temperature has tanked. Oh well.

      Driving here in snowy Minnesota is always a crap shoot. We average 4 months of snow a year… but no one apparently can remember how to drive in it. Except me- a transplant. Makes you wonder…

      • #3224705

        They might be wrong

        by onbliss

        In reply to According to the almighty weather reporter

        So far it appears so sunny, bright and chilly. No sign of snow. Hey me a transplant too, and so far I am doing good – (touch wood)

        • #3224619

          The new and *improved* forecast

          by tig2

          In reply to They might be wrong

          Has us in flurries tomorrow and through the weekend. Although the 6 F this morning is almost too cold for snow!

          It will happen eventually. It’s inevitable. We can’t escape it. Snow. Lots of snow. And cold. Darn!

          The natives all swear that us transplants will eventually go somewhere else. Between you and me, I think they’re wrong.

    • #3224788

      no snow :(

      by shellbot

      In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

      no snow in dublin 馃檨

      every christmas eve when i go to bed, i think..maybe it will snow overnight…and then in the morning, the first thing i do i look out the window

      2 years ago it did..!!
      ran (more like tumbled) down the stairs and went outside in my jammies and proceeded to make snowballs.
      hubby though i fell down the stairs, so came running to my aid and found me outside..when he popped his head out he got about 5 in the face..

      that was good..

      • #3224600


        by jaqui

        In reply to no snow :(

        you like snow AND got to hit the hubby in the face with snowballs. ]:)

        I don’t make snowballs any more, last time I did I packed the wet snow we get here into ice without really trying so when I threw it I broke someone’s hand. 馃檨
        [ yup skinny me has very strong hands, comes from moving lots of food using tongs.. like 3 10 pound prime rib roasts on a single cookie sheet in one hand.. you develop a really goot hand strength that way ]

      • #3223421


        by oz_media

        In reply to no snow :(

        Cool. I know when I was back a couple of years ago, London had it nasty. This year, London seems like a good vacation spot, getting colder though.

    • #3224574


      by protiusx

      In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

      I had a foot of snow at my house and had to work from home for two days. The kids were out of school and spent their time making snow men and having snow ball fights.

      • #3223422

        The great white south

        by oz_media

        In reply to SSSEEEAATTLLE!

        YOu had us beat out good last year too with all those ice storms and crap that hit there.

        Oh well, that’s one thing I’ll give america I guess. You sure know how to bat our stonrms! 馃檪

        It’s headed east now though, so we’ll both get our rain back again.

        • #3223346

          You know that it is an unusual year when…

          by tig2

          In reply to The great white south

          Seattle and Vancouver and Dallas all have more snow than Minnesota! (as of 01 Dec)

          They promised us snow this week. It is Friday. We MAY see snow by Sunday but I’m not holding my breath.

          Where we DO have y’all beat is the cold. Current temp is 7 F. Brrrrrr!

    • #3225225

      London ON

      by shryko

      In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

      We’re still yet to get actual snow this year… there was 1 day we had snowfall, but it didn’t even last through the day…

      thanks to prevailing winds, you guys get the most mild weather, while everything is blown to the rest of Canada…

      and something like 90% of Canada’s population is within 5 miles of the US border, if I remember correctly.

      That all said, my hometown is Ottawa… 35-40 below (celsius) is fairly common during the winter. (with wind chill)

    • #3288294

      Snow .. Ha!

      by bblacklock

      In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

      I live in Edmonton and snow we have, you want some?

      In most of the city we have about a foot and west of the city where the family lives it’s about a foot and a half. This doesn’t count areas where it really drifts in (the driveway at the country place has better than two feet and I won’t drive into that until spring).

      So anyone who wants snow, just ask!

      Actually after a couple of winters in Yellowknife the -30 temperatures and the foot of snow here aren’t bad at all. The only challenge is the number of people who cannot adjust to winter driving. Edmonton apparently has the worst drivers in Canada and after last week I can believe it.

      Fortunately driving an itty-bitty Mazda 323 forces me restrain the testosterone and drive like a sane person, which means I haven’t gotten stuck once or ended up in the ditch. I just get to gloat as I drive past the 4WD SUVs thinking that my father is right when he comments “Four wheel drive means that much further to walk out”.

      Anyway, at least the weather isn’t boring as it climbed 20 degrees in 12 hours and was reasonably nice over the weekend.

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