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Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

By Oz_Media ·
I always joke about how mild it is here, whiel it snows everywhere else. We are STILL caslled teh great white North, even though we see very little actual snow in Vancouver and area.

This weekend we got snow, YAAAAAY, yup a bunch of white stuff. Hey, it's less than a foot but still manages to practically shut down the city.

The area I live in is very hilly so the crews are on alert and eth city budget is there to keep roads salted and plowed. But it's still the most snow (less than a foot) that we've had in November in FIFTY ONE YEARS!!!

So needless to say the drive to work was a BLAST, nobody on the road, just cruised in like it was a Sunday afternoon. I would take this over rush hour any day of the week! It will give the global warming zealots something to work on too!

So.....is it just me or does anyone else have snow now?

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Not much

by onbliss In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

...in Central Minnesota so far this year.

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50 some degree's in cleveland ohio

by DanLM In reply to Not much

Sunny, blue sky.

Only had flurries so far this year.

And I am very happy about that, thank you.

Keep the snow please. Lol


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Same overhere

by rob mekel In reply to 50 some degree's in cleve ...

8 to 12 C (46 to 54 F), rain / sun
Mostly the weekday's are sunny and the weekend are rainy. I hate it when it is that way.

But overall it's nice and easy weather :)
will it ever snow so we can go skiing


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Well it's a bit nippy over here

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

no snow yet, though.
Hopefully we'll get the right sort now the Bishop of Lincoln has blessed the gritters.


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by JamesRL In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

We had people golfing over the weekend in 12 degree weather (celcius).


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I went to the driving range, -2 degrees.

by Oz_Media In reply to Golf

Better than staying home.

When the snow melts they'll find the balls I guess.

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What do you live in ????????

by drowningnotwaving In reply to I went to the driving ran ...

"driving range, - 2 degrees. Better than staying at home".

What do you live in? A cave?

Just exactly how do you swing a Big Bertha with 2 anoraks and 4 pairs of thermal underwear on, wearing snow shoes and an oxygen tank?

The least you can do is run down to the end of the driving range, drop a couple of personalised balls off at about 320 yards and make a few bets for spring.

I can't beleive we're making jokes about balls in snow. Hurts just to think about it . . .

Now of course my wife and I went to our mate's beach house on Saturday - 36 degrees (proper degrees that is - warm ones). B-)

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Just exactly how do you swing

by Oz_Media In reply to What do you live in ????? ...

But not being a pu$$y and just wearing a long sleeved crewkneck. You know a Henley style shirt?

Driving rangs are generally topped with ceramic bar heaters, for hitting on a rainy day. But unless you are slow and lethargic, how can smashing a few hundred balls possibly be a cold activity?

Its nearly 20 below with the wind shill factr today, but it's still sunny and nice out. The trees look incredible with snow covered limbs, its another great day to bash the crap out of a bucket of golf balls.

The snow is a real rarity here, 51 years since the last one like this in November. I am trying tyo get my Eastern client to come and pick up their shipment as it landed a little early on its way back east.

I last remember snow like this (in Vancouver) being somewhere around 1985-86, in late winter.

It's great, I can drive to work without rush hour traffic, just blaze along listening to tunes and not worrying about what the tool next to me is doing.

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by Jaqui In reply to Just exactly how do you s ...

you missed the 90-** dumping?
every wednesday in February we got dumped on.. 18" of snow.

and it stuck around until the end of March.

I remember cause I was working in the kitchen at a Keg and we got pounded for dinner because of the snow storm every wednesday.
We did a friday night business on those wednesday nights.
[ it was March when they promoted me to manager of that kitchen .. might have something to do with handling the unexpected volume those nights ]

I just love watching the morons that don't know how to handle the snow.. as long as I'm not on the road myself.. or even at ground level.

Side Note:
they lifted the water warning the day after the snow / arctic airflow hit.

Last time we had an Arcic Airmass hit us that I remember was 88-89, in the lower mainland we had -20 C with a wind chill of -19 C
but it was the dry cold that they get out east, not our normal humid cold, so it only felt as cold as the current -6 C
[ TWN temp display right now ]

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Wasn't here

by Oz_Media In reply to 85-86?

I was in Rossland, 5' + but dry so you didn't nitice teh chill. Not as damp and slushy as teh Vancouver sludge either.

Which kegger were you at? the good ones are all close dnow, Keg on 5 road in Richmond's still pretty good though.

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