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By safwan1 ·
Greetings :
Which is better ? to go for a 4 year college degree or cut it short and go for a certification from a tech institute?

I am a young blood interested in the IT field , looking at the courses being given at most the universities where i live and comparing them to the direct / specialized courses that I would get at a tech inst , I found out that the latter is better than the former and I will be given courses in the following :
Cisco Overview
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 2000 Server Intro
Microsoft Office 2000 Professional
Outlook 2000
Lotus Notes
Networking Concepts
Novell NetWare 5.1 Intro
Windows 98

Non of the courses above are given at the university .

I would appreciate some advice from the pros on this subject.

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by nhanaiu99 In reply to BS OR CERT ?

Now you can do both at the private University. As I know, the University of Phoenix is now offering IT degree. In Marina Del Rey, LA also has American-Intercontinental University offering IT degree in BS and MIS. AIU is also all over US. If you are interest other schools beside the ones I mentioned above, make sure the credit is transferable to regular university. In case you want to continue your education after having the BS.

Good Luck,
Nhan Nguyen

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Go for the BS

by JimHM In reply to BS OR CERT ?

I went to a tech school best job offer was $8,500 (OK this was 1971) - got enlisted - got my CompSci and Math BS - while in the Navy - go out first job offer was $16,000..

4 - years paid off - The $8,500 job would of been lucky paying $11,000 after 4..

Put the extra effort at the degree... or get a job and go to night classes - that degree pays off in the long run ... I am kicking myself now for not going MBA...

Only My recommendation -

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by T Bowman In reply to BS OR CERT ?

At your age, get the BS, then pick up certs as you go. I made the mistake of NOT getting the BS but an AS and it has cost me a LOT of money over the years...

Live and Learn.
Share, and others learn from your mistakes.

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BS has more flexibility

by generalist In reply to BS OR CERT ?

You'll notice that a number of courses offered have an 'expiration date' associated with them. Numbers like '98' and '2000' are associated with things that will be obsolete in a couple of years. When they become obsolete, your certifications will be obsolete. But you could make a reasonable amount of money while they last and while you are getting the next certification. And if you are trying to put yourself through college, certification in some areas might help with part time jobs.

A BS tends to be longer lasting, especially if you have a minor in a non-IT area.

But in either instance, you'll need to keep studying even after you get the certification/BS.

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