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BSA US Reward scheme hits $50,000 until end of Feb 06

By SentryWatch ·
As an IT Professional this news needs to be digested and fed through to C level execs pretty quickly, it has wide reaching implications.

Read the fine print in the article at where 2 San Francisco firms very recently paid up $US 150K in fines as settlement costs. That?s a fairly standard press release from the BSA and the amounts are in line with other settlement costs made over the last few years (see their archives)

BUT, and this where you need to pay attention, within the Jan 2006 news release above the BSA also announces a reward scheme of up to $US 50,000 for reporting instances of software piracy that lead to successful prosecution (conditions apply of course).

As an IT professional this topic and alert fits within the controls area about security and integrity over systems and installations of software etc but some of us know that is never done as effectively as it could be, as ?we?ll get around to that later?.

This post is to alert you, if you don?t know already about the risks and threats this increasing tendency of the anti-piracy bodies are using to raise the stakes with a reward scheme, which we believe now presents for your organization and yourselves impact that can be very significant!

Don?t be fooled. The BSA members in USA are making a statement with this high level of reward on offer that their members are not prepared to let piracy continue and the size of the reward offered at $US50K is the biggest we are aware of in over 16 years that PCProfile has been providing advice to the auditor and IS community on the issues faced. The threat levels faced with this size reward scheme (flushes out more personnel / ex-staff who might want to set you up etc) could end up being an intrusive and costly issue that causes C-level IS personnel significant grief, but it can be managed if they pay some prompt attention to the detail.

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$50K wasn't high enough!

by SentryWatch In reply to BSA US Reward scheme hits ...

Seems they gleaned over 500 names from a $50K reward scheme and that wasnt enough so they lifted it to $200K ie a factor of 4 x.

Wonder how many IT managers are now sweating on the findings the BSA will bring?

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