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B.Sc Computer Science in Telecom Industry!!!!

By davidvimal22 ·
Hi.... I'm a passed out student of B.Sc.Computer Science.. Now I'm currently working as an System Administrator for past 10months in a small office location which includes around 15systems... One of my Uncle is working in Telecom Industry & I think he had his experience of nearly 10 years... He gave an idea to join in Telecom Industry.. After that I tried the jobs in that industry.. While searching I found that, students who have finished his/her degree/diploma in Telecom industry can applly for those kind of jobs.. Is there any possibilities to get the job in the industry??? Can I go for the Job or its better stay in my current designation??? I have another question also. Now can I do a diploma in Telecommunication, If yes means how long it will take and what course to do in it???

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Intro to Telecom - USA

by NPANXX-Junkie In reply to B.Sc Computer Science in ...

There are 2 types of telecom company's ILEC and CLEC. ILEC is the company that owns the local loop, Qwest, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. You literally have to go through the standard HR process with the big guys. (unless you know someone there) CLEC the smaller guys, Patec, XO communications, Integra. Are more apt to take someone in a entry level position without a degree. Depending entirely on your personality type and if you learn quickly you could go anywhere, Customer Service (Account Management), Operations (Swith Tech, CO tech) or Sales (Sales Engineer). Of course you could stay in a IT specific position, but you would probably be in there corporate headquarters. Your best bet is that if you didn't finish your degree would be to get a CCNA. A CCNA in telecom makes you a big asset. Also getting your initial CCNA opens up paths to more specific certifications, for example CCENT, you could work your way up to network engineer, designing the CLEC's network. See this link:

As for a telecom degree, I would steer you away from it because most telecom companies actually have 4-6 week training classes for new hires that explains how teleco works. The path of a phone call, blah blah blah. With your combined knowledge of IT I would think that you would pick up easily on it.

If your looking for a job in telecommunication, make your mind up on how which one you want to pursue, Sales (entry level would be sales support, verify paperwork and double checking the service match what are available in that specific central office.), Operations (entry level would be answering repair calls), Customer Service (usually labeled CSRI).

Sorry if I missed anything let me know if you have any other questions.

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