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Bsc Information Systems & Computing

By McTeck ·
I am considering taking a degree in Information Systems & Computing, what can it lead me to career wise and salary wise especially in London?

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RE:- what can it lead me to career wise

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Bsc Information Systems & ...

All depends on if you love the work or not.

if you love the work it will lead to a for filling position that you love and do not have to drag yourself to work every morning in dread of what's going to go wrong today.

if you don't love the work and just think that it will bring in Boat Loads of Money and you can retire at age 25 you'll find that there are constantly long hours, a complete lack of respect from anyone that you work with, poor pay and no life outside work. You'll also be forced to drag yourself to work every day in complete fear of what's going to happen today and who will threaten to kill you unless you get it working NOW!

Then there is the constant requirement to continue learning what you are doing and most times at your own expense, not to mention Possible long spells of Mental Problems and Aggressive Medical Treatment that will most likely result in unemployment, homelessness and Alcohol Abuse.

In other words what most people consider a Normal Job.


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Salary prospects should be a lesser concern for a career.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to RE:- [i]what can it lead ...

You may wind up pulling in the high 6-figure range to start but if you can't stand it, you'll just spend the money on psychiatrists and Maalox. Look for something you love to do and turn that into a career.

Like HAL said, this field requires constant re-education, often on your own time and dollar. If you don't like seeing everything change just as you've gotten comfortable, look at another field.

On the other hand, if you like beating your head on the wall until it finally cracks, stick around; there's a section of sheet rock out there with your name on it. With any dedication, you can move up to hardwood paneling and eventually cinder blocks.

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Bsc Information Systems & Computing

by McTeck In reply to Bsc Information Systems & ...

I meant what is my career prospect with such degree?

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Where are you thinking of doing it?

by Madsmaddad In reply to Bsc Information Systems & ...

And what is the employment record of previous graduates.

Until recently I taught on the BSc. Business Information Systems Management at BU ( . This course had an excellent job success, the best at the university.


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