B.S.O.D - Dell Dimension 9200 XP - SP3

By ga.solutions ·
Came home 3 nights ago to a computer with everybody's favorite.. the BSOD.

The stop error code says...


After speaking with my family if anyone had installed anything recently and heard the answer of NO.. I have tried many things to get this back up and going. All to no avail.

System Specs:
Dimension 9200
3GB Memory
2- 250GB hard drives Mirrored
1- 500GB hard drive (music files)

I have already tried the following..

disconnected the mirrored hard drive and the 500GB hard drive and tried to use the mirrored one to boot the system... FAILED

I've removed all of the memory ans tried each one seperately... FALIED

I've tried booting into all 3 safe-modes... FAILED

Everything I've tried as ended up with the B.S.O.D upon start up.

Anything I missed?? please help me on this one.. thanks!

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What is the full BSDO Error Message here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to B.S.O.D - Dell Dimension ...

We need to know that so we can help you.


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Error code

by ga.solutions In reply to Is the STOP code Error 0x ...

Yes.. 0x0000006f is the code..

all of the google searches I've tried have led me to dead ends

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Well, which dead-ends have you tried, then?

by seanferd In reply to Error code

Have you disabled (at least temporarily) bott-sector virus protection in BIOS setup? Place the drive in another computer as a slave and scanned with AV or MBAM? Booted from a live utility CD and scanned (so you don't have to connect the drive to a different machine)?

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RE: B.S.O.D - Dell Dimension 9200 XP - SP3

by stephen_raj In reply to B.S.O.D - Dell Dimension ...

Just try uninstall SP3 and reinstalling it.. it seems that this has caused due to the recent windows update on the computer. If this does not resolve the issue try "directory services restore mode" in the same F8 (advance boot menu). If this doesn't work either do a repair installation by installing the CD; choose Repair my computer instead of install now after booting from CD. If you are not concerned about the data then you can try a complete installation which is known as PC restore (taking your computer back to factory settings) which can be done without a CD and you can find this option in advance boot menu (F... If you do want the data that is on the computer try Parallel reinstallation you'll be able to find screen shots in google

I hope this helps somewhat.

Thanks for your time,
Stephen D.

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Latest Info....

by ga.solutions In reply to RE: B.S.O.D - Dell Dimens ...


First off Dell did not send a reformat cd with the system. It only has the reformat option built into it (ctrl+F11) the only problem with that is that it is a DESTRUCTIVE reformat. I realize that I can remove the 1 mirrored hard drive and and do that any way to restore the computer, but I have this feeling that the issue is hardware related and not OS related.

Second... the only other idea I have is to grab my a master Xp cd that I have and try to do a repair install that way, but like I said previously... I doubt the issue is software and more like hardware related.

Any other ideas??


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Well if you believe that it's Hardware Related

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Latest Info....

Try using the Ultimate Boot CD to do some diagnostics here. It's available for free download here


Just ignore the add on the page.


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