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BSOD fatal exception question

By twilazoned ·
I may lose my grip on sanity if I don't figure out how to fix the BSOD that states "A fatal exception error
has occurred at 0028:C0006E7E in VXD VMM(01) + 00005E7E". I am working on a compaq pc (deskpro 4000) and need to transfer programs from it to a new pc. it has no medium for transfer, so I added a usb hub. It's an OPTi 82C861. It says the drivers are installed, then returns with the big yellow ! sign on device manager, follwed by the BSOD. HELPPPPPPPPP MEEEEEEEE PLZZZZZZZZ!!!!

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by Kiltie In reply to BSOD fatal exception ques ...

This error code is a tricky one, it can have many causes, from software/new hardware to stale pages in your cache.

I suspect the former problem.

However you state your aim is to transfer programs from one PC to another?

There are many ways, besides a USB hub.
A simple serial or parallel cable will do it, most Windows have Direct Cable Connection software.
A CD burner will do.
even floppy disks (use one of the many free file splitters if large)
a spare HD, swapped in as a slave also works
Network the PCs and transfer that way
Use a web solution, for example GMail can help with 2.5GB of storage space

I don't understand you saying you need to transfer programs, to a new PC, why not simply reinstall them?

Or are you trying something else?

In which case, we need more information.

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by twilazoned In reply to BSOD fatal exception ques ...

My apologies... now that I'm a bit calmer, I'll add to the tale. The pc is a rebuilt Compaq Deskpro 4000 6200, running Windows 98. The HD is a COMPAQ 2.1 GB S.M.A.R.T. SCSI disk, model # COMPAQPCST32155N. It has an embedded IDE controller. Pentium Pro(r) at 200 Mhz. There are two male serial ports on it, a floppy and a CDROM. This thing is so hold it actually has eight 8MB SIMMS lots for a grand total of... yep... 64K. Now then... this pc was built for a couple in there 70's (who are raising thier 6 yr old grandaughter) by some other old relative I don't know. They want to give this pc to the grandaughter (who won't stay off of it), and they bought a brand new HP for themselves. The KICKER is... the old pc has 122 games on it the couple HAS to have on the new one. They have no original disks, I have nothing that the SCSI can connect too, the floppy barely works and it's the only one in my house, and there isn't enough memory anywhere to add any hardware/software, so I can't get it online, add a burner, or anything else. They call me every hour on the hour or hang over my shoulder (literally) pointing, pulling, and moving things til i can't think straight. As crazy as they are making me, however, they are really good people and i don't want to let them down. I've simply never dealt with a pc this antiquated. I installed the OPTi 82C861 I had, then had to hunt down the drivers for them (which seemed to be another point of contention for folks on the web). I got them installed (i thought)... it says they are... but I still get the Yellow! and the BSOD:A fatal exception error
has occurred at 0028:C0006E7E in VXD VMM(01) + 00005E7E". Oh! and did I mention that the man tried to "help" and I think he connected a HVD, causing the bus to burn eveything else up. So now, i can't even power the thing up! So..IF i can get power back to it...what can I do to get those games off there and onto the HP XP? Thank u sooooooooo much!

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