BSOD on Ctrl alt delete change password

By dan.olson ·
I currently am experiencing an issue on one type of laptop. Its on a Lenovo T500. I just created a golden image and i found out when a user tries to change the password by using ctrl alt del and then clicks on Change Password they get a BSOD. i can recreate many time over and over. The even log shows a .dll file that is casieing an issue. its the MSGINA.dll file. i tried replaceing the .dll with no change, i have done a Chkdsk /R from the recovery console, installed SP3 with no change.

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Does it do it for any other users

by Jacky Howe In reply to BSOD on Ctrl alt delete c ...

The Essentials of Replacing the Microsoft Graphical Identification and Authentication Dynamic Link Library

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yes it does it for all

by dan.olson In reply to Does it do it for any oth ...

it doesn't matter the user. i have done pretty much everything that Google and Microsoft have offered.

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Looks like you will

by Jacky Howe In reply to yes it does it for all

have to try another image. Test the notebook before imaging though.

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try re-registering the dll file

by The Scummy One In reply to BSOD on Ctrl alt delete c ...

instead of replacing it.
regsvr32 msgina.dll

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no go

by dan.olson In reply to try re-registering the dl ...

it didt work re-registering. i even used the xp cd to reinstall basically everything with out a complete wipe with no luck as well. looks like a rebuild of my golden image...

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Running into the same problem on a T400

by MytonLopez In reply to no go

Just ran into this problem trying to change the password. I get a windows security pop-up window winlogin.exe application error when clicking to change password. Did you ever find a fix?

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t400 problem

by dan.olson In reply to Running into the same pro ...

I never did find the solution for this. I found it was corrupt on our image. I basically had to start over from scratch. I am curious now that if the fingerprint software from Lenovo or the intel security had something to do with this.

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RE: T400

by MytonLopez In reply to t400 problem

I suspect somehow msgina.dll got corrupted or something to that effect and thought the fingerprint software was the problem but un-installed it and and everything and still got the same problem. Keep checking Lenovo site for a fix.

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Ctrl Alt Del login on T500

by lhillyer27 In reply to no go

I have a t500 and receive a Ctrl Alt Del command right before my password login. My error message says incorrect login associated with ATGinaHook.dll. I have tried all the same things you have with no success. Any successful procedures for you as yet?

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That is third-party security software

by seanferd In reply to Ctrl Alt Del login on T5 ...

That dll is part of AuthenTec security software, probably for a fingerprint reader.

It is hooking MSGINA, part of the Windows logon.

I would guess that it is looking for a fingerprint scan at the reader, or the password you are using does not match the fingerprint.

Check for support here:

as we don't have all the required system information, and you may need something specific, but you can look here

Fingerprint reader troubleshooting:

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