BSoD when I unplug my Portable USB HDD

By yuchen_wng ·
I have a SP3 comp
everything works perfectly, including my portable HDD, until recently I unplugged it while it was installing an update, and i got a blue screen.

same issue as(even same error msg)

except my HDD is portable IDE, and not SATA
i decided to hotswap it, and after a period of extended use(works fine if u just plug it in and unplug it within a few mins), BSoD comes up.

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Did you follow the steps outlined on the BSOD?

by seanferd In reply to BSoD when I unplug my Por ...

Was the drive unplugged accidentally or by using "Safely remove hardware"?

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USB Drives have the option of being seen as Fixed or Removable

by 30040 In reply to Did you follow the steps ...

Removable drives can be unplugged safely, so long as the contents of the drive are not showing in any Window on your desktop. Fixed drives give you the added perfomance of write caching. If you go into Device Manager and expand Disk Drives. Next, right-click on the USB drive and click on the Properties and last, click on Policies. You will notice that the fields are greyed out. That is because this setting is set in the Computer's BIOS. I highly recommend you leave it set at "Optimize for Quick Removal". If you don't and remove the USB cable without using the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon by the clock, you will end up with a $MSFT error, resulting in a Windows Transaction Log not flushed ie: Data Loss. Is your USB device powered by it's own AC adaptor? If not, then you must use the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon. USB ports typically do not supply enough power for external storage devices. Never, ever use a USB hub for ANY type of USB storage device.

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Your use of the word "hotswap" worries me a bit ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to BSoD when I unplug my Por ...

Actually it worries me a lot.

I seriously doubt if a USB external drive could ever be hotswappable. Not if you ever wanted it to work again.

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See if this will help

by Jacky Howe In reply to BSoD when I unplug my Por ...

Boot into Safe Mode and at a Command Prompt run chkdsk /r

Unmount the volume if requested and it should indicate whether there is a problem with the drive.

It will do 5 stages of error checking and fixing.

With the external drive attached press the WinKey + Pause/Break and click the System Restore tab. Stop monitoring the drive and the system volume information directory should be removed.

With the external drive attached right click on the Recycle Bin and select Properties. Click Configure drives independently. Click on the TAB for the external drive and tick the box next to Do not move files to the Recycle Bin.

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Some clarification

by yuchen_wng In reply to BSoD when I unplug my Por ...

Urm i upgraded to SP3, and forgot to turn norton off, so it corrupted some of my registry keys (now fixed as of 3 days ago), so i rly didnt have "safely remove hardware" as device manager was blank. so my only option was to unplug it. and i unplugged it as windows was shutting down because i did not see the need in windows needing to use it.

and as for has been designed that way according to the manual.

oh and the external HDDbeing portable, it does not use any external power supply...

now that i've fixed my device manager, the HDD is set to "removable"

i will try some of you guys' recommendations

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