BSOD while palying online video

By prasoot ·
Hi I am getting BSOD on my DELL inspiron E1505 laptop while I play any online video for few minutes. The blue screen has error "Page_fault_in_non_paged_area".

I have recently done these activities on my laptop -

1. Have formatted the hard drive and done fresh installation of Windows XM Media Center Edition.

2. After getting the blue screen errors, I ran the DELL Diagnostic tool for blue screen errors on my system. I have 2 512 MB RAMs on each of the two RAM slots. Initially the test hanged. Then I removed 1 RAM stick from one of the slot(B) and ran the test again and the test was passed. Then I took out the RAM Stick from SLOT A and inserted in SLOT B. Then again the test failed. Then I inserted the SLOT B RAM stick into SLOt A and again test passed. That concluded that whenever I put any of the RAM stick in SLOT B the test fails other wise the test passes.

Now if I boot my system running with one RAM in SLOT A, my system boots without problems until I play online video from a site like youtube. After runnig the video for say 15 minutes, I get the BSOD again. Now my computer faces problem in booting again. I also feel that the Place near the RAM slots are quite heated and when I change the RAM stick in the same slot , the computer boots easily again.

I am sure there is some issue with RAM SLOT B but this is not all, it seems there is some overclocking issue also that took me to BSOD when I run the video having the one RAM in Diagnostics passed scenario (having one RAM stick in SLOT A).

Can anyone suggest a resolution.
Thanks in advance.

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Hope this helps

by pcs365_1 In reply to BSOD while palying online ...

Hi prasoot,

This stop code means your system is trying to access a nonexistent piece of memory, almost always due to a driver trying to access a page of memory that is not present, Faulty or incorrectly seated memory or Corrupted data on the hard drive

Since you have formatted the hard-drive and done a fresh installation of Windows, you wont have system restore points

Things to check -

If this happens while playing the online video - Reseat the Memory in the Slots and also reseat the hard-drive cables. Then, run a full hard-drive and memory diagnostics using the Dell 32-bit Diagnostics Utility

You could also try testing your ram using one or both of the following applications:



Please let me know the results,

PCS365 _1

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When you removed the RAM Module did you

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to BSOD while palying online ...

Enter the BIOS make sure that it saw the changes and save the changes as you exited the BIOS?

If you didn't the BIOS is attempting to MAP the 1 GIG of Memory on a 512 MEG Module which will lead to this error message.

Just as a side note all Note Book systems should be run with a Cool Pad under them like this one from Antec


This does two thongs first it removes heat from the NB itself and secondly because of the Air flow under the NB it prevents the larger airborne particles getting sucked into the cooling ducts of the NB and causing a partial blockage.

Here it very much sounds as if the RAM Modules are not identical and are experiencing a Timing Issue which is causing the system to hang when both are fitted and when only one is fitted you have not entered the BIOS and saved the changed.


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