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    BSOD wireless card – random disconnections


    by critical_escape ·

    My sister’s laptop has been having a couple problems, which may or may not be related.

    She uses a Linksys PC card to connect to her wireless network at home. There are two wireless tools in the system tray; she usually disables the one from the product CD. At seemingly random intervals, the laptop will disconnect, selecting ‘repair connection’ seems to work, but it will usually disconnect a few more times before the dreaded BSOD displays itself.


    Then a bit about safe mode and new hardware.

    Technical information

    ***STOP 0x000000D1 (0x00000010, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0xEF0D09D8)

    ***bcmw15.sys – Address EF0D09D8 base at EF0AD000, datestamp 420d7ee5

    Reinstalling the network card (first with drivers from the cd, then from Linksys website) doesn’t appear to have helped.

    After looking on google today I’ve recommended disabling IEEE authentication and the Wireless Zero Configuration tool, but this does not address the BSOD. Also, I’m assuming that disabling the WZC will get rid of the other system tray icon, but I might be barking up the wrong tree there.

    I greatly appreciate the patience it would take to get through all of that, any input would be great.

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