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There was no warning. The first BSOD has appeared on my otherwise steady computer. I tried working with Dells technical support but had a difficult time with Language barriers and the cost. Eventually, I had to reformat my HD and reinstall the OS from a brand new reinstallation disk from Dell, (the drivers disk arrived 4 days later, their mistake) and had the computer up and running smoothly for about 10 days. Then the BSOD showed up again after my computer had been idle about 2 hours. I have tried every fix out there from MS's troubleshooting programs and too many online forums to count. I can still reboot the computer and the OS works fine while I'm using it. But everytime it sits idle from more than 2 hours, the same problem happens. I have purchased a new HD but if there is the slightest possibility that I can get this problem fixed instead, I would greatly appreciate some badly needed help!!!!!

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What power management settings are in effect?

by seanferd In reply to BSOD with KERNAL_ STACK_I ...

Does the machine suspend or shut of drives, etc., after about two hours? Is it overheating? Any AV scan or other scheduled thing occur after about two hours idle time, or at a certain time of day?

Tried re-seating the RAM or testing it?

The error code would probably be helpful. Then you or we could look it up. Which OS?

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by oldbaritone In reply to BSOD with KERNAL_ STACK_I ...

I just got a new Dell laptop, and "Sleep" mode was in the power settings as "2 hours" by default. That crashed a download and install I had set to run overnight.

Check your settings for power management, and see if the computer is set to Hibernate or Sleep after a certain time. Change it to "Never" and see if that fixes the problem.

Also, check the power management settings on the hard disk drive. Some systems power-down the hard drive after a time, and sometimes the first data read will time-out waiting for the hard drive to spin up.

In a nutshell - look for anything that says "2 hours" in the power management settings.

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Dell built in diagnostics

by patb071 In reply to BSOD with KERNAL_ STACK_I ...

Dell has a built in diagnostics. During bootup press F12 and it should say diagnostics. If there is any hardware issue it will let you know.

Only thing i like about dell.

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