BT Home Hub with Netgear WG602 AP

By scotta01 ·
I am currently using the BT home hub for my internet connection. I want to use my Netgear WG602v4 AP to connect to the Home Hub to allow internet access through a wired switch for the machines connected to it. I have enabled WDS on the home hub and set the AP to client mode with all the same SSID, security etc.

I cannot get the remote machines connected to the network. If I use DHCP for their addresses this seems to get picked up but cannot be renewed so am assuming is using an old cached one. Can anyone shed some light as to what I have missed. Have also tried this wirelessly with no joy.

Thanks in advance.

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Not sure

You may have to check with NetGear and see if their devices will go into WDS or bridge mode with other manufacturer's equipment. I am of the opinion that it maybe the problem.

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Set it as a repeater

by tintoman In reply to BT Home Hub with Netgear ...

With the BT homehub you have to go into the wireless settings and authorise your WG602 as a repeater device by doing a scan for wireless devices and then ticking the box next to it.
I can tell you though that if you look on the netgear forums you will see countless people having a problem with that particular AP

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by scotta01 In reply to Set it as a repeater

Problem with setting as a repeater is I will then be unable to use the wired port as the WG602 only uses wireless protocol in repeater mode. This is why I used it as client mode as I have a few machines on a wired switch.

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Apologies if I misunderstand you

by tintoman In reply to BT Home Hub with Netgear ...

I have read your initial question a few times now and I am still having a little trouble understanding your problem.
If you are saying you have a BT Homehub wireless router, a wired switch AND a WG602 access point then the correct way to connect is:
1.Wired switch connected to Homehub via ethernet cable
2.All wired computers connected to switch via ethernet cable.
3.WG602 connected to switch via ethernet cable
4.Wireless computers connected to access point by wireless.

Unless you are going to use the Wireless access point as a repeater in which case it wont be connected to the switch at all

Hope I have understood it now

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