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By arief ·
I have phone system that dumps data thru (com1) hyperterminal(windows XP Pro),I am using capture text option in hyperterminal to save it. I would like to wirte a batch file to
1.start hyperterminal
2.transfer> capture text> c:\filename
3.wait for 20 min. then exit.
I created a hyptermianl session, saved it. wrote the bat file to start the hypertreminal, and that is were I run to the wall. How to i get it to start in the captue text mode and save it?
thanks in advance for any help.
(ps can not do much about phone system dumping. Need to save it in capture text so it can be put in a data sheet later.)

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Yes, no, and how about this.

by tbragsda In reply to btach File

Yes, you could right something to start HT with capture on (VBS VB). No, HT sessions cannot be saved with the "capture text" option selected, so starting a session with a batch file will not get you where you want to go. How about a VB or QB app that captures, saves out by dates etc?

I presume this is SMDR info streaming from a switch. What are the com settings? Post and I bill build you a little app that will capture. I have had stuff like this for as long as I can recall.

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got it.

by arief In reply to Yes, no, and how about th ...

Thanks for your imput.
I could not find any options for hyperterminal. End up using a macro recorded to do the trick. Once macro recorder (workspace macro pro) establish the capture text option rest was easy. Used the schedule task to run it every night and then wrote a simple batch file to rename the file (test.txt) to date (Feb 02 05), and schedule this one to run every night after the macro.

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