Btrieve 5.10a and Windows Server 2003

By t_dellwo ·
Hi all,

I am really hoping folks can help me this. I'm not a real IT proffessional so be careful to explain all jargon that I might not understand.

The problem is this, we are using a very old DOS based program for our member database called Btrieve 5.10a, actually the program is called Compushare but it runs on the Btrieve platform.

We just updated our server to Windows 2003 and got a brand new server, we have about 25 client machines connected to it. Betrieve archives all information to the server but keeps some of it's components locally. We thought all this updating would speed things up, but the member database is running even slower then before. All clients are running windows XP and are expiriencing a simmilar slow down.

I know we should update our database software and our IT person is working on it, but our memeber service people are going to kill everyone if we don't get things speeded up soon, and we are only know evaluating new software.

The current program reads and writes and opens folders all over the place when people open it and use it and our vendor basically told us to give everyone admin access to their local machine if not the domain which we think is crazy. Permissions issues are mostly fixed it is just the slowness that is killing us. If anyone can help us I will be in their debt forever!


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Common problem with DOS and Btrieve

by earl_dillman In reply to Btrieve 5.10a and Windows ...

We have a 15 yr old DOS program that had been running on Win98SE workstations. We have recently been working to upgrade the workstations. Tried XP-Pro and found that was not the answer - very slow and very unstable. Win2000Pro is a much better solution for us so it might be worth a try for you.

Right now we are searching for a complete Btrieve for Windows package but have found only part of it so far. Any chance you might have the complete package?


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Betrieve For Windows

by t_dellwo In reply to Common problem with DOS a ...


Thanks for the reply. Sorry we just have a program that uses a betreive database, nopt the actuall program itself.


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Btrieve and windows

by ecreegan In reply to Betrieve For Windows

bTrieve is now owned by Pervasive software and is a legacy product, I believe. Might want to check out the Pervasive website to see your options. I know we have experienced older versions of software/btrieve not playing at all well on newer os platforms.

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