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BT(UK) ADSL conneciton . Static address

By sunshine47 ·
Hi there,

This is puzzling the **** out of me.

One of our offices has recently had a new Internet connection installed (ADSL from BT in the UK). We asked for a static IP address solution.

I went over the to the office to setup the connection. The first thing I found was the range of addresses assigned to us. I selected one of these addresses and set about configuring the router(the router supplied with the adsl line. It has one ADSL connection and four ethernet ports) with a Static address. To cut a long story short this would not work and I called the supplier(BT) and asked how do I assign a static IP address to the router. "Stop!" he said. "Do not change the router configuration from PPPoA to static!"
"But how will the router have a static address", I asked. He then explain what I should do to achieve this but under no circumstances should I change the router from PPPoA to Static. I did not push it any further but its now bugging me.

Could any of you explain this? Surely if the line is PPPoA it will get a different address every time the router is reset(no matter what I do).

Many thanks

p.s At this point the line has not come up as it has not been activated for ADSL at the local exchange.

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BT ADSL uses a none stanadard system from static addressing and therefore you have to use their own or it doesn't work. The WAN address on the router is always dynamic, with the static address block being bound to devices plugged into the LAN side of the router. Its a real PITA. If its not setup cancel the order as fast as you can. It will save you time and money.

We had a client who had bought statics from BT. 3 months after they were bought, we tried to use them to setup a VPN. The routing was mucked up at BT's end. Despite litterally days on the phone, BT couldn't sort it out. Luckily, they didn't complain when we cancelled the contract 4 months in and moved the client to pipex.

I'd recomend Pipex or Demon. Both supply at least one static address free and more can be rented.

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