BTX Motherboard won't boot to CD / DVD

By cb7gb ·
This has been a problem for some time. I have been trying to load XP Pro to a custom computer. I have tried multiple XP install disks, multiple DVD drives, multiple hard drives different memory, CPU and an identical motherboard. It finds the CD but refuses to load XP Pro SP3. Any ideas??? I am at my wits end with this one.
BTX Intel Motherboard D915GMH
3.0 Ghz Intel CPU
Western Digital Hard Drive 160 GB SATA
LG DVD Optical Drive
Any help is appreciated

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"Finds the CD"

by seanferd In reply to BTX Motherboard won't boo ...

Please describe this. Is there an error message?

Not installing and not booting are two different things. I'm not even sure what "It finds the CD" means.

Shot in the dark: Have gone into BIOS to make sure that it is set to boot from the optical drive?

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No Error Msgs

by cb7gb In reply to "Finds the CD"

There are no error messages. It starts to boot to the XP install CD and then.....Nothing. Sometimes it will just go to "no boot device". It will boot to a live CD, but will not boot to any XP install disk that I have.

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What is the state of your install discs ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to No Error Msgs

Perhaps you could clear this matter up by attempting to 'install' (using your XP discs) onto another computer.

If it also refuses to boot, the problem lies with your DISCS.

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No Problem with Install Disks

by cb7gb In reply to What is the state of your ...

The install Disks work perfectly fine with every other computer, just not this one.

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Have you tried a CD Reader here and not a DVD Drive?

by OH Smeg In reply to BTX Motherboard won't boo ...

Just because the DVD Drive can read DVDs doesn't mean that it can read a CD as there is a different Color/wavelength laser involved for the different media.

Even if you have tried several different new Drives from the same maker there could be a Production Fault with these drives.

That's just a shot in the dark as nothing else makes any sense. Of course there is always the Data Lead or Power Supply which may be at fault here, have you tried changing those?

Also what type of DVD Drive is this a IDE or SATA Drive?


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CD drive doesn't work either

by cb7gb In reply to Have you tried a CD Reade ...

I have tried multiple optical drives (CD and DVD all of which work in other computers). I have swapped out cables (IDE) and I did try a different power supply. Multiple install disks (which work on other computers). I am really stumped on this one. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Have you verified that this

by OH Smeg In reply to CD drive doesn't work eit ...

M'Board actually supports this CPU?

This is on the Intel Web Site relating to this M'Board.

Intel? Pentium? 4 processors
Intel? Celeron processors
LGA775 package

Note: It is important to verify supported processors before using this Intel? Desktop Board.

Just because you have a Socket 775 Processor doesn't mean that it will work with this M'Board. Look here for the supported CPU List

Provided that the HDD and Optical Drives are correctly Jumpered and on Different IDE Channels I can not see any reason why this is happening unless it is a Unsupported CPU. Also remember that some BIOS versions may not support all of the CPU's that can be used with this M'Board you may need to flash the BIOS to get it to work with some of the newer CPU's well at least ones made after the M'Board was made.


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Have you tried

by Jacky Howe In reply to BTX Motherboard won't boo ...

using different jumper settings on the CD/DVD drives?

Is the CD/DVD drive being detected in the BIOS properly?

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Some ideas

by OTL In reply to BTX Motherboard won't boo ...

Check boot order in bios and (as above) verify optical drive is being properly detected.

Changed cables ? Are both HD and OD on same IDE cable ? May want to put them on different IDE's.

or you could;

Put HD in a PC that works.
Load XP to that HD, when it wants to reboot shut it down instead.
Remove HD and install in the PC you want it in, then continue with the installation.

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SATA Settings in BIOS

by willcomp In reply to BTX Motherboard won't boo ...

Check SATA settings in BIOS to ensure that RAID and AHCI are not enabled.

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