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    Budget is now $300 MAX, what’s the best I can get?


    by davidgraydg21 ·


    I am a moderate iPhone switcher (currently rocking an iPhone SE). My budget has increased to $300 now, what’s the best phone I can get? I’m looking for: 64GB of storage, acceptable camera(s), snappy performance, Unlocked (GSM), long lasting battery (at least a full day) and fast charging. I’m in the US, and DON’T want any Chinese crap (like bloated OPPO and Huawei, I’m looking for FAIRLY stock Android). I am a moderate user, but I don’t need anything CRAZY (as I said, I’m using the iPhone SE with an A9). I do moderate gaming, various tasks, some moderate camera things, browsing, typing, a bit of video watching, etc. Do your best!

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