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Budget shortfalls - Local, State, and Federal - what to do?

By maxwell edison ·
Any number of cities and states are going to the feds for their own bailout. New York is talking about an 18% tax increase. Why don't these idiots see the ONLY viable solution?

Cut spending ? drastically, immediately, and permanently.

We interrupt this message for a minor rant:

Silly me, I know why. Because people ALSO have their hands out (and/or heads in).

Don't believe the nonsense about government employees earning less than their private counterparts - not true.

Don't believe that all people who are on the government dole are homeless, helpless, or otherwise needy - not true.

Don?t believe the demagoguery of those who try to convince people that government is needed to solve individual problems ? not true.

Don?t believe that the role of government is to take care of people from womb to tomb ? not true.

Don't believe the hype that government must invest in one industry or the other to create jobs or otherwise encourage development - not true.

Don't believe the man-caused global warming and/or climate change crap - not true.

For twenty friggin? years the global warming scare-mongers have been predicting ever-increasing environmental disaster, but we?re no closer to seeing truth to their predictions than we were twenty years ago. For those same twenty years, I, and people like me, have been predicting a financial disaster if we continue on the path of runaway government spending and dependency, and each and every year, we?ve SEEN evidence that we?ve been inching closer and closer to that inevitable end. Each and every year we?ve seen evidence that we?re closing-in on the prediction that a system of too much government dependency will eventually collapse under the weight of its own obligations.

We're going to he11 in a handbag, and too many people are still jumping into the handbag, while too few (like me) are trying to hold it back from falling any further. When will people wake up? Stop turning to the people (big government) who've caused the problems - dismiss them.

We now return to your regularly scheduled discussion.

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I think your rant went slightly off-track, Max.

by neilb@uk In reply to Budget shortfalls - Local ...

But a fine rant, nonetheless...


You know, we can have financial AND climate melt-down together. Now, won't that be fun?

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Is there more or less violence

by jdclyde In reply to I think your rant went sl ...

in a time of financial crisis?

More or less crime when more people find themselves "poor"?

More or less disease when more people find themselves "poor"?

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If you want a sensible answer

by neilb@uk In reply to Is there more or less vio ...

Then I reckon that I don't know.

I've seen it reported by a Criminology expert that crime rates in the US have gone up in every recession since the 1950s but there could be so many other factors.

But that's where you are.

I'll look around.


I guess that there's less stuff to nick during a recession...

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Just two daze ago

by jdclyde In reply to If you want a sensible an ...

I was going to the local market I always shop at, just in time to see the owner almost get run over by the shoplifter that he followed out of the store. He was alright, but only because he did a head-long dive to get out of the way.

People are getting desperate. If people don't start seeing the handouts they thought Obama was going to be throwing around, I have a feeling it is going to get ugly.

In Michigan they are looking to change the the way they tax fuel, from a set per gallon, to a percentage of the price to raise more money for infrastructure updates. As my company supplies materials for the updates, paying a little more now just might keep me in a job.

Life is full of compromise, huh?

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The era of entitlement

by maxwell edison In reply to Just two daze ago

People have a sense of entitlement - entitled to have that which is someone else's. Whether they take it outright, or vote for a government broker to do it for them, it's the same sense of entitlement.

The sense of entitlement has over taken individual responsibility as the underlying principle for too many people - and it's a notion advanced by our elected officials in their quest to get elected.

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It is the people that FEED that entitlement

by jdclyde In reply to The era of entitlement

that make me the most disgusted, followed closely by the growing masses of undeserving lowlifes that are out to get something for nothing.

I have nothing but contempt....

"but it isn't fair that through all of your hard work you have amassed so much while these people who have done nothing with their miserable lives have so little".

Oh wait, they leave out the parts of people actually EARNING something via their efforts.......

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A hypothetical question

by TonytheTiger In reply to It is the people that FEE ...

I can build a road for 30 million. After ten years, I will have to repave it at a cost of 2 million, and will have to repeat this every seven years thereafter.

Or I can build it with different materials for $50 million, not have to repave it for 20 years at cost of 4 million every 20 years.

Which should I choose? Taxpayers will save more in the long run with the latter, but at the cost of pavement industry jobs, so most governments pick the former option, essentially "creating" work that doesn't need to be.

There are a lot more people on the public dole than you think. Some of them don't even know it!

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very true, Tony

by jck In reply to It is the people that FEE ...

of course, it's odd.

The taxpaying middle class will complain about lower income people getting big tax breaks, however they have no problem with taking tax breaks themselves (like writing off donations, medical expense, etc).

Of course, everyone gets a big hand-out nowadays...and don't realize it.

Police protection
Fire service
Health services
Communicable disease prevention and control

Since (according to the Treasury Dept) the top 10% of taxpayers pay some 2/3 of taxes in this country, then it stands to reason that anyone under that top 10% is getting 2/3 of their public services as a handout from someone else.

If we just had a flat tax in this country, things would be a WHOLE lot easier...the IRS would be 90% smaller...and doing your taxes would not be a major task.

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Not a flat tax...

by TonytheTiger In reply to It is the people that FEE ...

a 'per capita' tax!

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as an income tax

by jck In reply to It is the people that FEE ...

i think the flat tax is fairer. everyone pays the same percentage of their income.

no loopholes.
minimal deductions.
no b/s

that's what our tax system needs.

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