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Budgeting For Security

By dalelyst ·
Working on a client project where we're researching security and its priority in corporate spending. Big variable seems to be the security budget and how to allocate resources. What led management to the focus on this area was three things:

1) Intel buying McAfee
2) Recent press about big losses from security breakdowns
3) Infoweek survey report of 1000 companies -- shows big concerns and budgets for security.

Any thoughts on which areas are the most important for companies to focus on? We're leaning heaviest towards staff training and application security for budgeting purposes. Any insights on what other (your companies are doing)?



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Free download of security study

by dalelyst In reply to Budgeting For Security

Fortify Software is offering the report I mentioned for free download here:

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I would

by Jaqui In reply to Budgeting For Security

focus on looking at the security issues for the entire I.T. infrastructure and the viability of implementing a more secure network from the ground up.

since by all quantifiable criteria openBSD is the most secure os, it would make sense to have it for the servers. [ it is not a desktop os, not really. ]

Then look at the best desktop os with security in mind.
odds are, pcBSD, desktopBSD or a GNU/Linux distro will be the most secure option that does NOT require buying new hardware.
[ since going Mac would require replacing the workstations to use the os. ]

then telling your proprietary software suppliers that they lose you as a customer if they on't support the os you have picked.

and watch them scream cause they only support the insecure M.S. platform and the replace hardware option of Mac.

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