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    buffer under-run on cd burner


    by p2108432519 ·

    I need help with an bufferunder-run error i get on a philips cdrw burner can anyonehelp?

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      Buffer under run.

      by rbergancia ·

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      I hate to tell you the bad news but Philips burner’s are popular for this problem. One of the reason is their inadequate buffer that is installed on their burner. I used to have a Philip’s burner but it wasted alot of CD and time so, i bought a Plextor.

      Hope this info helps.

      Good Luck

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        Reply To: buffer under-run on cd burner

        by microbuff ·

        In reply to Buffer under run.

        Buffer Underrun Errors – How to waste CDR:s

        When burning audio-cd’s it is absolutely critical that the data-stream from the harddrive to the
        CD-writer is as continious as possible. The CD-writer has an internal memory-buffer to compensate for small gaps, but if your harddrive or your CPU is interrupted for to long, the CD-writer will run out of
        data. Because the CD-writer cannot wait, this will cause gaps and noise in the music, or in the worst
        case, it will ruin the entire disc. Buffer Underrun errors are a big problem for cd-burners.

        The source of the problem

        many tinmes programs that run can gobble up your resources, I would suggest to close all TSR’s you can run MSCONFIG at the run line and select the startup tab,disable as many TSR’s as you can. Note this may cause some programs not to work, But only until you recheck the tab and reboot.

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          Buffer Underrun

          by gduffala ·

          In reply to Reply To: buffer under-run on cd burner

          I have a phillips cd-burner on my compaq and I had this problem also. The way I corrected it was by having a complete disk copy file of the data ( in this case, audio music files, on my hard drive). I then was able to copy (burn) this to the cd without any problems. I also closed any TSR’s I had in the task bar. My app was Easy-CD and it explains the process in the help files on how to correct for buffer underruns. However, my CPQ is a 1ghz P III and I have over 512MB of RAM.

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          buffer under run

          by wk001b1939 ·

          In reply to Reply To: buffer under-run on cd burner

          i have closed all programs running except sys tray and explorer,I am still getting the error message if i copy at slower speed how would it affect the playing of the completed disc, assuming of course that closing programmes solves the problem i have,

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          buffer underruns

          by wk001b1939 ·

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          along with your advice i did also try to copy at a much slower speed and HEY PRESTO It Works,

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          Sounds like you got it.

          by admin ·

          In reply to buffer underruns

          Phillips are notorious for this, They are also notorious for copying safedisk2 successfully (well, at least some of them) Copy slow with nothing in the background from the HD first (No “On-The Fly”) and you will have the most success.

          If you wanta cheap one that works really well, check out Sony. They are often under 100$ if you look and they tend to have huge buffers so they really don’t need burn-proof. Alternately, a Velo-CD or Plextor or Que tends to burn well too. They are often more expensive, but if you have the cash, go for one of these 🙂

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