Build a high end gaming system for around $2000

By troach6 ·
I want to build an ultimate gaming system that should be able to handle anything with heavy emphasis on stunning visuals and system speed. Let me hear about your best MOBO's, CPU's, crossfire or SLI video cards. power supply and which type of drives to utilize. I haven't set a price as to how much I would like to spend yet, but 4gb video cards at $2k are a little out of my price range. I am looking for a system that will stand the test of time or at least a couple years before needing anything to upgrade.

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by patb071 In reply to Build a high end gaming s ...

Isn't the best part about building a system doing the homework? I would say the best way to go about this is for you to come up with a system you would like to build. List all the parts on here and ask if there are any preferences. That way it seems like you did the work and are just seeing if you need to tweak anything.

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i agree with previous post

by SystemCheck In reply to System

built mine 5 years or so ago still a beast do research,

cpu duo core 3gz
8gb ram 1200mhz
1gb xfx gts250
4tb hdd woot

after five years video card is the only upgrade

sorry cant tell you the mobo secret cause its all about the board.

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Way too many variables involved here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Build a high end gaming s ...

The first is your preferred game games that you want to play. They will tell you which OS that they can be played on.

They you need to think about your Preferred CPU be that Intel or AMD.

Once you have decided on a CPU you can then look at a M'Board and then consider which OS you need to run.

As this will be used for games I'm assuming some form of Windows so you need to remember 32 Bit OS's Can Not address more than about 3.25 GIG of Total System Memory. So if you fit a 4 GIG Video Card there is nothing left for CPU RAM.

Also depending on the M'Board it tells you how much RAM you need to fit and in what configuration so if you have a Dual Chanel M'Board you fit 2 X 2 GIG Modules of RAM and your Preferred Video Card which will be around the 1 GIG Size.

Sure you will not be able to use all of that 5 GIG of RAM but what you can use will be configured in the fastest way that the system can use it.

If your M'Board has Triple Chanel RAM you would then fit 3 X 1 GIG Modules and a 1 GIG Video Card to stick fairly close to your Upper Addressable RAM Limit.

Also depending on the M'Board it will tell you what type of Video Chip Set you can use so you can then look around for something suitable in what you consider useful for your needs. That could be a Crossfire arraignment or maybe a single Higher Powered Video Card. It all depends on what games you want to run.

Of course if your preferred games require Direct X 10 or higher you will be looking at either Vista or 7 and if you are going there forget about the 32 Bit versions as they are way too limited unless the preferred games require a 32 Bit OS to run on.

That is a very small sample of what needs to be considered before you even start. Easy isn't it? :^0

But if this is any help I love Gigabyte M'Boards I have found them Super Stable and Super Reliable. However I only use Intel CPU's and Intel Chip Set M'Boards so I have no idea of what AMD, NVidia or SIS Chip Set M'Boards perform like. These are the ones that I would use as the basis for a gaming rig but they use Intel CPU's and I wouldn't look at one with On Board Graphics.



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