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Build temporary tables to optimize queries

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's SQL Server e-newsletter describes how to build a table from a list of values and then join the table to the target table. Please let us know whether you plan to use the methods described in this tip to optimize queries.

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Is it really an optimization?

by sergey In reply to Build temporary tables to ...

Interesting trick. Probably should be usefull sometimes but seems it must be REALLY-REALLY big IN() list to gain performance. Here is a test
(SQL 2000):
1. SELECT * from usertbl where e_mail IN(...)
(table has approx. 2.5 million records, e_mail field has non-clustered index, with 200 email addresses in list)
2. the same 200 addresses were inserted in perftst
table with prim. key on e_mail column and usertbl
was joined to it :
select u.* from usertbl u,perftst p where u.e_mail=p.e_mail
The results of execution plan:
1.Query cost (relative to the batch) 47.76% (for "direct list" query)
2. Query cost (relative to the batch) 52.24% (for "join" query)

Doesn't look like optimization! Well, not exactly true 'cause join wasn't against "in-memory" table but still almost 5% difference in query cost is way too big....

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Just goes to show...

by xtrac222 In reply to Is it really an optimizat ...

I'm a relative novice and what this posting has reiterated to me is how important it is to scrutinize *every* part of a query to maximize performance (which is ultimately the goal).

It's often too easy to accept a query is right because it returns the correct results however postings like this remind us how granular we can be with SQL Server so thanks guys.

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Good Trick

by ehess In reply to Build temporary tables to ...

Yes, I will use the temp table idea. Thank you and keep giving us these tips and tricks.

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What about Multi-User ?

by karizmo In reply to Build temporary tables to ...

It is an excellent idea, I use it most ofter, but with one major variation : add to the temp table the domain/username combination so as to minimize collisions. The retrieval part is done usually using a stored procedure using a join of the target table against the temp table and operating on the domain/username combination as an additional selection criterion.

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