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Build WAN connection, connect two router?

By dejan.dejanovic ·
Hello all,

I need help about building WAN connection between me and my parents, which are not young anymorie and flexible. And we are not leaving anymore together. So I would like to connect my PC with them, over WAN connection with CISCO routers. I have a lot experience with LAN connection, but WAN is something different, and more difficult.

- So, I have two CISCO routes 800 series.
- we have all internet connection, and internet provider modems.

I will describe how I know in theoreticaly how to do it, and if it is wrong, please somone to correct my steps.

1. I have open to find IP address of modem. In my case modem has IP
2. connect routers to pc, connect over HyperTerminal, and define STATIC IPs ( and, subnet on both routers), Port, Firewall.
Question: How to add port, and which one? How to set firewall on routers? Do I have to set also gtw? In my case, do I need gtw, and if what should it be gtw?
3.Connect routers on each modem (my and my parents modem). PING them if they see each other. (PING, or
4. Create VPN. I know how to do it as LAN, but on router NOT!!??

Thank in advance for help to anyone!!!!

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