Building a Cd burner tower, Is my thinking correct?

By MatthewGillespie21234 ·
I have been helping out friend that has a music studio. I offered to help build a cd burning tower to get production rolling.

My thoughts are: He haa a suitable case that I could use if i upgrade the power supply. I would like to upgrade the mother board also ( very old ). Also I planned on using a PCI SATA card with RAID on it, for the optical drives.

My question lies on the SATA card and how and will a burning program recgonize them as one drive? What tweaks or configurations may I have to apply for the drives to be reconginized as one. Any suggested configurations or specific hardware would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!!

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Are you looking to master music CDs? or just dupe them

by robo_dev In reply to Building a Cd burner towe ...

if just dupe them, then buy a cheap $200 duplicator box.

Making CDRs for mastering is another story....

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Yes, dupe them

Yes, but I wanted to light scribe them as well. Also to have a opprtunity to have a learning expierence.

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You can get dupers with lightscribe

by robo_dev In reply to Yes, dupe them
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I have an IDE RAID card, I'd asume the SATA works the same

by Slayer_ In reply to Building a Cd burner towe ...

And when your system boots, it acutally has its own BIOS, I have 2 CD drives hooked up threw it.
The bios seems to figure it out nicely, and Windows some how hides the fact they are attached that way.
The only time I've ever had issues with them is when installing WIndows, and in VM's the CD's don't get recognized. In everything else its normal, including burning situations. I copy discs with them all the time, they are 2 seperate drives.

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Sounds good

I agree with you the SATA most likely works in the same fasion. Thank you for your input!

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You shouldn't have any problems here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Building a Cd burner towe ...

The PCI RAID Card has it's own BIOS and you'll need to configure the Array as a Mirror not anything else here. :)

But it should treat the 2 Burners as 1 Drive. Though you will need a Blank CD in every drive whenever you burn anything you will not be able to burn Single Disc's on the RAID Array. But if you have an IDE Burner fitted you can select that drive for single disc's.

Depending on just how many copies you need to make at a single time though you may be better off with a Dedicated Duplication machine that connects to a computer with a USB Lead and will burn up to 50 Copies at a time. These have a Arm that picks up the Blank inserts it into the Burner and then when it is finished removes it from the burner and places in on a spindle of burnt Disc's then picks up the next blank and repeats the process over again till either the Blank Spindle is empty or the desired number are burnt.

Verbatim used to have one of these models available and for small number duplicating it works well I have been told.


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Do I enter the RAID bios the traditional way or will it prompt me for the specific RAID BIOS?

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At its default settings

by Slayer_ In reply to PCI RAID BIOS ??

It shouldn't be setup to Raid, thus assigning everything attached to it it's own drive, which is I thought what you wanted.

Otherwise, when your system Completes POST, your screen will black out and you will see another BIOS load up, this new bios will say which key to press. This BIOS display usually takes half a second, so look fast!
Remember you can use your keyboards Pause key to pause the bootup at the bios.

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by MatthewGillespie21234 In reply to At its default settings

Thank for everyones input, I will be posting later today the hardware specs to make sure everything is compatible. Thanks again!

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You may be required to setup from the Cards BIOS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PCI RAID BIOS ??

Or from the Drivers depending on how that particular Chip Set Works and if it is Jumpered or Software controlled.

So Read the Manual that comes with the card to find out how it works.


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