Building a computerr?

By ryco325 ·
How do i know what parts go together in building a computer? Like if i want to put certain things together how will i know if theyre compatible and whats the best order to buy the parts in?

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by markp24 In reply to Building a computerr?


If your not sure of what your doing, you may want to just order a pre-built one.
But if you want to build one, you need a Case, power supply, motherboard, fans, Ram, cpu , cpu heat sink, , optional items, video card, sound card network card, tv tuner, etc (unless you want to use what integrated in the motherboard.)
for Compatibility you need to visit the motherboard manufactures site and check there specs and compatibility charts (check Operating system compatibility as well)
and also do that for all additional add on boards you want to use.

but in assembling the components, are you comfortable doing that, and aware of the precautions you should be taking (it Grounding straps, etc)

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