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    building a content management system


    by nsabasi ·

    Hi all,

    Those anybody know how to make a simple/not too simple cms? Using any one of the following languages: JSP, PHP, ASP, Coldfusion and linking to a database like Microsoft Access, SQL, MySql etc. I am making this from home and i don’t have any webserver but would like to use any databases to link up. I may use lycos as they have MYSQL/PHP

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      have built simple CMS app

      by jtincher ·

      In reply to building a content management system

      I’ve done this sort of project before using mySQL/PHP. It is not too difficult if you understand both mySQL and PHP. If you need more information, since I don’t want to clutter this area with a HOW-TO, please email me directly.

      Jeff (

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        no thanx

        by nsabasi ·

        In reply to have built simple CMS app

        why did you waste my time pretending to help? Any other help from members would be appreciated. This topic is still open

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