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    Building a DOS Box (EISA)


    by electricdragon

    Hi Folks-
    It was a toss-up to post this here or in hardware, I think here might be best.

    I’m building a 486 box for DOS and obviously I want it to “Be all it can be” with available hardware, meaning I have it already and don’t have to go out and buy stuff.
    Hardware I have plenty of, but I need some softy stuff I can’t find. Specifically the EISA configuration program for the mobo, I have Googled myself silly trying to find an answer, I’m here now, so you can guess the result. 馃檨

    Hardware: An Everex Step 486 VL/e
    Mobo Model num EV18210

    The exact file I need to find is !evx1698.cfg

    Note: The ‘new’ Everex company is not the same as the old one that went belly-up, and they do not have any joy for me.
    BIOS manufacturer is of no help either, since this is an EISA problem.

    Assuming I never find the file for d/l, and I doubt I will, can anyone recommend a good EISA configuration file writing program?
    I have eisac141 already, but it’s kinda skimpy and I’ve never tried to use it for a motherboard, just adapter cards, and I’m going to ask here before I jump into that pot.

    Also, although I am sure it’s !evx1698.cfg that I need, a program to pull up the board ID would be nice, and/or do a ROM dump for me as that would make writing the new .cfg file a bit easier.
    I lost most of my old DOS tools a few years ago in a fire and this stuff is getting harder and harder to find on the net. I’m hoping somebody can point a few fingers for me.
    Thanks 馃檪

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      Reply To: Building a DOS Box (EISA)

      by cg it

      In reply to Building a DOS Box (EISA)

      humm I’d search Ebay for some socket 7 modo by SIS. I had a friend who’s SIS 530 socket 7 board went out and I found one on Ebay. SIS also still had driver support for it on their web site.

      just an suggestion. When in doubt dump it out.

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      Reply To: Building a DOS Box (EISA)

      by wlbowers

      In reply to Building a DOS Box (EISA)

      If you have equipment that is that old, you need to do some house cleaning.

      You can pickup a motherboard with cpu and memory for a $.01 with shipping it might cost $15.

      That is for a PIII.

      I know it is great when you have the stuff. But if you can’t work on it dump it.

      The stress level will go down.


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        Reply To: Building a DOS Box (EISA)

        by electricdragon

        In reply to Reply To: Building a DOS Box (EISA)

        I don’t have a high stress level.
        If you have nothing to contribute, please find another board to vent your own stress onto. Your comment was not helpfull nor did it pertain to my questions in any way.

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      Reply To: Building a DOS Box (EISA)

      by electricdragon

      In reply to Building a DOS Box (EISA)

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