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By Jackedd ·
Hi guys,

My new PC has to be built from 0.
My budget is around 1000-1500$.
My desire for CPU is to be a Ryzen 5 3600x, or maybe the new gen(5600x) if it fits in the budget.
For GPU i thought about RX 5700 XT Ultra Thicc lll 8gb or the Red Devil.
And 32 GB RAMs DDR4 3600Mhz.
The rest of the components i dont how to choose them to fit these one from above so i want you guys to help me with it.
Also if you have opinions about changing CPU or GPU you can say them, but i want my PC to be AMD based.
I also live in eastern Europe and i saw that shipping from USA Amazon is very expensive...so if you can help me with some good sellers to get a nice price per quality it would be awesome.
I only have 1 week left before Black Friday so i expect some opinions from you. :)
I saw alot of topics about building PC's and everyone was happy so i have fate in you all. :)
P.S.: I know there a some demandings that i can do myself, like looking alot for sellers, sites, components etc., but i would rather let professionals help me, because i looked alot lately and
still cant figure out a whole PC.

Thank you beforehand and lets make a good PC everyone !
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