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Building a home network

By Seldom Seen ·
Since I am having no luck finding IT level network positions I want to build my own network in my home. Can I get some pointers on what type of hardware and software I would need. I know as I go along I will come up with things that don't make the list. So far I have a laptop, passive hub, some cat5 cable, crimpper (to make cables), desktop with monitor, Microsoft 2000 Server, and an empty room to put it in....What else do I need? I want to emulate a true work environment as close as possible. I also have a rack where I can put my server on the bottom and a few spaces for a switch and router but what models? Please help.
Thanks IT family

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I can tell you this

by monkapotomus91 In reply to Building a home network

If you're building a netowrk i assume that
br\brw\grn\blw\bl\gw\orn\orngw is your firend...correct?

and routers i usee a little cisco systems acces point \ router in my apartment *perfect* jsut setup some mac lookup tables on it *if you go wireless DO THIS* because its SO easy to break a WEP encryption *i did it my first week in my new apartment on some guy's access point *he had the same model i had so it gave me a wake up call*
sorry this mesage sucks i was in a hurry *school just let out*:)

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Purpose of network. . .

by bkinsey In reply to Building a home network

Depends on whether you're doing this just for the benefits of having a home network, or as a learning opportunity and/or testbed for familiarity with networking that will put you in a good position for an IT networking job.

The former is pretty basic; whatever machines you've got, a hub or switch (switch preferably) to connect them, and some means of sharing an internet connection are the basics. Many options, but get those basics, and you've got a network. Don't need a server for this case - just do a peer to peer, workgroup based network.

If, on the other hand, you're wanting to build your own emulated "business" network, it's a little more complicated, not to mention more expensive. . .

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