Building a new domain for a disconnected company

By SuperT ·
Here is the scenario: A bank and an insurance company are part of a group of companies. The bank and the insurance companies both share a common LAN and AD domain. The bank's IT staff manages the domain and owns the servers, etc. The insurance company is now being split from the group and have been asked to disconnect from the banks network. The insurrance has about 50 worklstations. The insurance company has to now get their own servers, etc.

How can we build a new AD domain and move all user logins and desktop profiles with the minimum disruption to the users?

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Start over

by Martinph In reply to Building a new domain for ...

With a minimum of fuss, start over.

Remember, every object in that domain carries the domain SID, create new accounts and groups, Drop the workstations from the old domain and add them to the new.

There may be fancier and techier methods but this will create the least amount of long term c*ap

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Much cleaner to start again.

by phil In reply to Building a new domain for ...

I agree, considering the numbers involved it would be cleanest to start again. You can still plan it to happen with virtually no disruption and long as your work flow has been set out correctly.

Recently myself and two others converted 2 million IP users from a Friday night to Sun afternoon with not a single outage. It took a couple of month planning but was worth it and couldn't start afresh.

The trick here for you is to automate the whole procedure, yes you would have to have access to the remotes. Are they desktop, laptops?

The finer details would be borne out the specifics of the scenario. Any other way and you are heading for some disruption.

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If you insist on doing this,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Building a new domain for ...

Google Microsoft's 'Active Directory Migration Tool'. Test the daylights out of of it. However, it may be overkill for 50 workstations (and 50 users?). It's really intended for larger domains with more objects. By the time you do all the prep work, you could have recreated them manually.

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