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Building a PC

By The Hidden Nick ·
I was into the whole building a pc thing. So does all the wires i need come with the parts. ANd what do i need to build a pc. ANd how to build it.

Teh Hidden nick

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by Norehca In reply to Building a PC

Well it depends on what YOU need. There are the basic parts that all computers need, and then theres floppy drives etc. that are all preference. Here is a list of what a basic computer needs:

PSU (Power supply)
-RAM (Random Access memory)
-CPU (Central Processing Unit)
HDD (Hard Drive)
CD/DVD Drive (not TOTALLY required, but if youd like to install an OS, or any apps your gonna need one)
Floppy Drive (usually only used today to boot smaller programs such as partitioning programs, or to flash BIOS; not really required)
OS (operating system)
-Windows (95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista)
-Linux (Redhat, SUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo, etc.)

Thats a basic list. Its harder than this. First thing to look for is the motherboard. THis is where you start, because if you know what mobo you have you can figure out which type of RAM you need and what processor you need. Now dont worry so much about the CPU. Its easy to find a mobo that comes with its own CPU. But the RAM is a different story. You need to know what type (SD; DDR SD; DDR2, etc.) DDR is used on most current mobo's. Then theres the speed. Depending how old the motherboard is it might only support DDR2700. As far as i know 3200 is the fastes you can get clocked at 400MHZ. If your mobo doesnt come with a CPU you need to know what type of architecture it supports (i.e. 32-bit, 64-bit) and what type of socket it has (socket 754, 939 or whatever else there is).
As far as cables etc. go, the motherboard and power supply should come with all the necissary cables you need. Now for the PSU, you need to know how much your hardware needs to run properly. A 300-400watt PSU should run any mobo. To be safe i would recommend getting something heftier. Hardware is becoming more and more power hungry. Id go with a 450watt atleast to be safe. ANother thing is to know wether your mobo has onboard video. If not you better go get one as you cant do much without one. Ive never herd of a mobo not having onboard sound so i wouldnt worry about that to much.

Then you need to know how much of what you need. Depending on what you do you should have a certian speed CPU, and a certian ammount of RAM. Now 1GB of RAM should handle anything you throw at it. 2GB is nice if your a power user, and i have no idea what people are using 3-4GB of RAM on because you dont need it. As far as the CPU goes you dont need anything crazy. Any 64-bit CPU will easy take on anything your throw at it. A simple AMD Athlon 64 3200+ will do anything you want. And then theres the video card. If your a hardcore gamer id look at ATI's X series. Im a huge ATI fan so i can only recommend ATI. A radeon x800, x1600, or x1900 will do the job for you. With a video card unlike a CPU or RAM you need to look closely at its stats. How fast the VPU (visual processing unit), how fast and how much RAM it has. Dont be so quick to grab a 512mb video card because as of right now you dont need one. A 256 will easily do the job for you no problem. And most importantly look at the card interface, wether its AGP, PCI, or PCI-Express. PCI is the slowest of all 3, then theres AGP which has a trasfer rate of 8x, and then theres PCI Express at 16x. Dont think you NEED a PCI-Express card as most AGP versions of PCI-Express cards have very close benchmarking results, or unnoticbly different performance. But id say its safe to go for PCI-Express. Itll keep you happy some years longer than AGP. AND DONT FORGET COOLING! CPU needs a heatsync/fan, your case is gonna need a fan especially if its a 64-bit machine, and your gonna need good airflow.

Check out these 2 websites for computer parts:

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by The Hidden Nick In reply to geeze

Thanks, this all i needed to know.

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your welcome

by Norehca In reply to Thanks..

Make sure to check out the post again, ive edited it with some crucial info.

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Build Your Own

by dmiles In reply to Building a PC

Go to the following address the guide seems to give you the info you need to build

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