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Building a portal to connect to a database - where do I begin?

By dbfg ·
Hi All,

I am looking for advice in building a web portal. I'm no expert in building websites at all, I've had very limited exposure to it in my time working in IT and I have worked with databases.

I've been asked by my company to create a portal that one of our clients can use to input data which we will read into a database. I have already set up the database, since I know how to do this. What I don't know how to do is how to build the website and how to connect that website to the database I have created.

My database is a SQL server database, I created it using SSMS. I was originally going to use Wordpress to create the website, but from what I've been reading Wordpress only seems to work with MySQL and not SQL Server? Basically whatever website I create needs to work with SQL Server.

So what I want really is recommendations to build my website where I will be able to connect to my SQL Server database. Can anybody help?

Happy to provide more info if needed.


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Building a portal to connect to a database - where do I begin?

by matthewjohn938 In reply to Building a portal to conn ...


There are various tutorials you can found on " webpages to sql interaction". It requires cleint facing webpage with html/css/js., and a server side language like asp.net, php, python, etc. to take the webpage information to sql database.

Use html and css to build webpage.

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by codyhay In reply to Building a portal to conn ...

Yes, you can either choose PHP or go for .net language like asp.net or C# for developing the same.

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