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Building a server for a small business

By cantu.stephen ·
My dad cam home today telling me that his server died and that his tech guy was telling him he was going to have to buy a new server because the power supply could not be replaced. He told me that the cpu fans turned on but the MB made a beeping noise, now I wont know what it is until I can get the server and find out more info for it but until then I want to build a server to replace it(at least on paper to see if I can make one better) but the thing is I have no idea how to build a server, I can build a desktop with my eyes closed but I have no idea what things mean when building a server so I need help in what to get hardware wise and maybe even software wise(although I am probably to just going to use windows server) but here is what I want to do:

1. I want the programs to run on the server also I want all the files to be saved on the server
2. I am assuming it is something that can be done on the group policy editor but how do I create logins for the computers in the office that they log in to the server instead of going to the windows logon screen

Things I know:
I am going to have multiple HDD for redundancy, I am probably going to have about 4 gb of ram, and maybe a quad core processor, total number of computers that will connect to server will be around 10-15
Things I know nothing about:
server processors
whether I need more that one physical processor
whether it is better to run sata drives or scsi drives
can I run a dual processor motherboard with only one processor
probably some other stuff I haven't thought of yet

budget it around $1200
Use:it is for an accounting office, most the software is stuff that is normally used in that situation as well as a program called phoneslips and a time punch program and again it has about 10-15 computers connecting to it at any given moment throughout the work day

currently all the programs were set up on the server and all files were saved to the server then I would go to each computer and map out networked drives and then copy a shortcut to the programs installed on the server to the desktop and computers would log on through the normal winxp log on screen, is that roughly how it is supposed to be set up or is there a better way

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