Building a Server for the First Time

By nitobd ·

I am building a server for the first time for a small network for about 15 people.

I would like to know what main or comman software I might need on the server beside the OS Microsoft Server for Small Business and and Server Antivirus like Norton.

Is there anything else I should consider?


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Here's what we have

by unhappyuser In reply to Building a Server for the ...

We have software like Adobe Reader that we can push out from the server. We install MS Office from there too so the PC nevers asks the users for the CD.

The server controls the printing so everyone has the same drivers and printer setup.

Are you plaking on installing anti-spyware?

I'm not sure if that was what you're looking for but I hope it helps.


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What I think to have on the server

by nitobd In reply to Here's what we have

Thanks for the fast answers;
Well.... on my case I am thinking to have something really simple because most the client already have most of the software on thier local PCs. Such as Adobe reader, Ms Office, Virus software (right now they are able to do their work without the server. The modem is connected to a small hub that shares the internet connection).
All I am trying to do is to have a a network done and share the internet. We already have the internet connection. I am working on bying the a Server, and a Switch to setup network and share connection and files.
On the server, I am thing to create a domain and group polices for specific folder group (because I will be sharing folders). Also to have MS exchange serverfor them to use with MS outlook. (someone told me that Windows 2003 Small Business Server comes with Exchange server, and I am thinking to use it for the client emails)
-I am really just looking STEP BY STEP on what to do after installing the server OS is instal. What to do next? Create AD, DHCP, Printer Server?; what is the next step.
If is possible, please provide web links that I can read.


Thanks for you all coaching.

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by unhappyuser In reply to What I think to have on t ...

It should be a DC so you can have some security. Definitely set up DNS (AD-integrated). You don't need WINS and, because you have so few PC's, you could probably skip DHCP.

Print server is easy to do.

Email should be near the end, right before you set up your user accounts.

Microsoft has a lot of into that you can access. Here's a couple of links:


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What is DC

by nitobd In reply to Ok


what do you mean by "it should be a DC for security"?

Sorry, not all of us have the same level of knowledge in this field.


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by unhappyuser In reply to What is DC

Domain Controller.


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by Wizard-09 In reply to Building a Server for the ...

1st question would be what are you going to be using the server for, will it be a web server, print server, file server, antivirus server, exchange server you get me lol

Then after you tell me that I can answer your question more better

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by sidekick In reply to Building a Server for the ...

Don't forget a backup solution (hardware and software).

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