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building a server

By chrispc616 ·
i am trying to get enough information for my customer to build a server, but i dont have enough knowledge to know what is a must have for a high performanced and high reliabilty server.
i need help from the type of mb to processor to the sytle of raid to get weather its built in or on board, what drives are better then others? please help me out here thank you

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by .Martin. In reply to building a server
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by chrispc616 In reply to try

that did help me as far as the raid goes thanks any other information that you think i could use please send!

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Well it depends on what you mean by High Performance

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to building a server

& High Reliability. A 2000 CPU Blade is my idea of a High Performance Server but that may not be yours.

Depending on what is required I would be looking at one of the many server Boards available that run 1 or more Xeon's. Intel has these Server Boards available and they work fairly well

Though they do need a Server Chassis not a conventional Chassis as the Heat sinks for the CPU/s actually mount through the M'Board into the Chassis.

Tyam has these Bare Bones Server Products available

Where you select the type of enclosure that can be used then a Bare Bones System you can build from there. Most Server Chassis don't come with a PS so you need to select this as well as the CPU/s, RAM, HDD Type and size and so on. Depending on what the chassis can carry you select what you want to stuff into it.

Or if you prefer Tyan has these Server Boards available

Gigabyte has these server boards available and I like them very much they just work a treat without any problems. I have used Gigabyte Server boards since the Pentium Days and never had an ounce of problems with them

Depending on what you require as High Reliability you should be looking for Redundant Power Supplies, a RAID 5 Array and high end RAM, I always use Corsair RAM but that's just a personal choice but when it comes to servers use the best you can get and as much as the customer can afford.

With PS look for a 1 KW Main Power Supply and something like 600 W as the Backup PS in a Redundant Array that should keep the thing working but only look at the good PS not the cheap no name ones you need to look at the Gigabyte, Antec and that type of PS.

If you can get a filtered Chassis as well so it doesn't fill up with dust bunnies and other crap which can cause reliability issues down the track. It really depends on the environment that this will be going into as to what you use in the way of parts. If it is very dusts you could try one of the Zalman Fanless Cases if they are still available it's been a long time since I've needed to use one but it was brilliant as that server is still running 3 years latter when they normally destroyed servers in 6 months at a Site Works Office where they where building roads. It was very dusty and the Server sucked in everything it could find floating about in the air. the Zalman case that I used has no fans and conducts the heat from the CPUs, Video and other chips to the case and the entire case acts as a Heat Sink. Not a fan in it or anywhere near it even the PS that comes with these cases is all specially made to conduct heat to the external casing.

If you care to post back with some basic questions I'll try to help you out.


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