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    Building a trading platform

    by ssadinsky ·

    Hi there, I need some advice.
    Which companies would be more competent in building and supporting a trading/investment platform? Who would be better to go to: fintechs or outsourcers? We are planning a long term project.

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      by ammarhamdan87 ·

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      A Fintech startup and business owners who outsource tech processes to IT companies should take into account not only the great opportunities they will get from the external management but also the possible risks. Knowledge of the merits and demerits of the service allows you to more accurately assess the picture. I would recommend looking for fintechs engaged in complex financial software development.

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      Re: building a platform

      by kees_b ·

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      A long term project needs a decision from somebody high in the organisation. So let your CIO or CEO decide.

      A relevant factor might be the long-term plans for the internal IT-department of the company. If it’s a platform meant to be used, say, 10 years, there must be internal or external support guaranteed for that 10 years.

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      by WIlliamhenry ·

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      The decision between fintechs and outsourcers for building a trading platform will depend on several factors, including:

      Project requirements: Fintechs may have more expertise in specific areas such as user experience, data analytics, or regulatory compliance, while outsourcers may have a wider range of technical expertise and experience delivering custom solutions.

      Cost: Outsourcing may be more cost-effective, while working with fintechs may provide access to more specialized expertise, but also may come at a premium cost.

      Location: Depending on where you are located, you may have more access to local fintechs or outsourcers with relevant experience.

      Relationships: Building a strong working relationship with a vendor is important for the success of any long-term project. Consider factors such as communication, reliability, and the vendor’s track record.

      Ultimately, the best choice will depend on your specific project requirements and priorities. It may be useful to get quotes from multiple vendors and evaluate their proposals to determine the best fit for your needs.

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      by crowd498 ·

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      I would go with outsourcers. I think outsourcers tend to be a lot cheaper for the same quality and you get to have more handson input due to better communication.

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      Reply To: Building a trading platform

      by rakeshyves ·

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      You are at the right place to get answers to questions like this. If you are looking for a trading platform, you can prepare a meeting with the software developer. However, you need to share a few details of your business plan. The software developer will then guide you about the cost to build the trading platform. He will also ask you about the tools you need for the development and the functionalities you are looking for. Then, he will help you with a detailed report.

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