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Building a web server

By falconmccannon ·
Hey all,

I'm thinking of setting up a web server for my web authoring works, and have some questions.

What kind of hardware specs should i look into for my web server? Is RAID 4 any good? What kind of OS should i use? Would it be better to implement another server as a proxy server for my web server's virtual cache server or should i stick to only using the web server?

any help would be appreciated.

Thanks :)

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A lot of missing info

by SBWorks In reply to Building a web server

I'm afraid there are some big pieces of missing info here.

What type of web site design techniques are you using? Front Page? PHP? Static HTML? CGI? The type of hardware and software vary dramatically depending on the answers.

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Linux/Apache would be my first choice

by WhW In reply to A lot of missing info

1] Not sure of your background so I'll go at it from a somewhat newbie perspective(aplogizes in advance if this is not the case)

2] As stated in previous posts, you need to determine whether you're interested in a simple static site or a dynamic site w/SSI (Server Side Includes) Personally I'd prefer dynamic via PHP4 or Perl(CGI) and would recommeded getting yourself a good book on either if this is the route you choose, not a big FrontPage fan personally so I won't share further opinionsin that regard. Also, hardware requirements under Linux are generally more forgiving. (ie. just about any P-166 or better will do under moderate loads)

3] Before you decide a Linux solution, another 2 cents: If you can't stand the DOS prompt, then Linux is not for you -- look elsewhere.

4] In regards to raid, why? especially 4 when 5 IMHO would seem to be a better choice.


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Lions and Tigers and Raids Oh My!

by Shepster In reply to Building a web server

Again, SB is correct, you need to provide more data and he sounds far more knowledgeable than I about web servers. My only opinion there is if you use Microsoft, use a firewall.

I can say though, that you don't want a RAID 4. They are a waste of money. If you are going to use a RAID at all, use 5 or maybe 10. Here is a good description of the different types of RAI

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by VNCoder In reply to Lions and Tigers and Raid ...

I agree with SBWorks & Shepster. Your setup depends on what you want and how big you want it to be.
For the starter, you need a firewall regardless if you have M$ or Linux or others, DNS servers of your own or third parties as you don't want traffic from DNS lookup to your site slow down the correction. At least one Linux-based web server and one M$-based web server (winNT, WIn2K, etc). A database server would be nice. RAIDS would be also nice.
But then again all these ifonly you have the $$$. If you are starting out, I would recomment just a server with fast CPU and fast disk access with Linux installed for all your services. With this you can support Perl, PHP, CFM, even ASP (there are modules or web server for ASP on Linux as well).
So what you get depends on how big and how much money you want to spend.

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A good rule for any HW/SW purchase

by admin In reply to Building a web server

including this one.

Sit down and figure out exactly what you want to do first in your business and then get advice about technology. Don't figure it out backwards, i.e. from what's hot technically to a workaround with your new toys.

Figure outstuff like how exactly you want to sell, distribute, etc. What sort of webdesign you want (Flash, HTML, CGI, etc.)Do you need FTP? SSL? What marketing info do you want to gather from the web and how would you like to organize it?
It's fun to play with a webserver, but in business, make sure the business decides the technology and not vice versa.

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