Building Blocks V 15.7

By JSerrago ·
I know this is a very specific software, the manu. Has no support online for it so I am hoping my fellow TR memebers can help me.

I am using Building Blocks V 15.7, there is a section of it called Panelfront. Everytime I try to open a door file. I am getting an error

"Unexpected Text Property is read only error occured in Panelfront"

I have gone though the obvious files and checked there atributes and made sure that they are not read only. Also there has been no manger changes to the software It has been running good for nearly a year until this morning.

Right now I am defragmenting the drive since the machine had has not had any maintence done on it in a year. I have also tried a windows system restore twice taking it back all the way to the first week in the month.

Any thoughts would be greatly appricated. Thank you.

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Building Blocks V 15.7 ???

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Building Blocks V 15.7

Where did you download this software?.
I can not find it anywhere, and for me that is rare indeed. Unless you have had it specially made for you, i can not help any further.

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When troubleshooting applications

by robo_dev In reply to Building Blocks V 15.7

what you need to know are what files are being accessed, what processes are running, and what registry reads/writes are taking place.

The best utilities for this are the Systernals tools (free).

In your case if you're getting a specific error, I would load up the 'filemon' tool and see what specific files the program is trying to get to.


To get deeper into fixing apps, you could run the app in a debugger and halt the app the instant the error hits... programs like PE Explorer



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