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By muchpazsion ·
Hi, I'm Paul Hibbison I live in Va. I've been working on starting up my own computer build-up and all around computer maintance shop. Since late 2004. Started me a bare-bones/text only site for now, more to come later. lots more. But I'm more focused on getting customers and Building computers. I have several Ideas and i think i'll have a few bumps in the road, but i'm willing to learn and adapt. Maybe i'll post Projects and ideas up here as well as problems. I'm also curious about extream machines, and getting the fastest most butt-kicking computers, maybe this is enough for now, keep in contact ask questions
and let us know what kind of creations you have going.

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Price vs service

by jmgarvin In reply to Building Computers

You won't be able to compete on price. However, if you offer excellent service (12 hour turn around or less) and provide a good warranty program, you should be OK.

What kind of computer specs are you talking about? How is your pricing? Are you only selling locally or will you be selling on a multi-state level?

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a little help please.

by random_kac In reply to Price vs service

i would really like to go into a career in which i go along the lines of building custom pc's etc. Any other ways i can do this instead of opening my own shop? What job title would it be under?


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Good Luck to ya

by philchil In reply to Building Computers

Do a good job and build them to last

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You are going to run into problems

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Building Computers

But if you build from the best available parts and do not skimp on the quality of the product you will do OK.

Do not fall into the trap of building to a price as you will never be able to compete with the big end of town like Dell, HP, Gateway or whoever as they buy in bulk and in all honestly can sell any computer for less than what it will cost you for the M$ Software Re Windows and Office.

Find a good supplier in your area and advertise this can be at first having some business cards printed up and just left in card stands in local shops. Push the fact that you Custom Build for the customer and then you do not need to have units on show losing you money. The other thing that you will have to think about is any quotes that you give will have to have a time limit on them as well as some sort of clause about price being subject to International Exchange Rates as the price of things can vary quite a lot in a very short time period.

Lets know how you get on.

Col ]:)

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thank you

by muchpazsion In reply to Building Computers

if i haven't said so already thank you very much =)

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