Building my online home library

By n00bst4r23 ·
Hello all,

I have tons of magazine articles, research papers, home works, etc that I would like to organize digitally. I bought a scanner that will allow me to scan all these documents to my hard drive. However, I am looking for two solutions:

a) I am curious if there are any websites like Dropbox (I am curious to evaluate out other options than just Dropbox) where I can upload my articles to and create a listing of all my uploaded files there. I can then share the articles with other people (without needing them to create any account).

b) I am curious if there are any nice software that can help me manage my bills, invoices, etc. I am looking for some software that I can use to organize my different bills (that are scanned and uploaded from paper bills).

Any tips/suggestions would be very welcome.

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Does an OCR come into play?

by Kingbackwards In reply to Building my online home l ...

If your scanning all of these objects do and of them get processed by an OCR App(Optical Character Recognition) to be saved as a Text file, or PDF?

Because otherwise you're just sharing out graphics. And for text articles/papers its mostly worthless. Because there is not copy/paste or editing.

Here is one well known File synchronization competitor.

To find others check the first couple of Google hits...

To manage you finances try using something like:

It works rather well, it partnered up with banks and can track all your debit/credit transactions. And you can then put in your cash transactions by hand as necessary.

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