Building New PC – What/How Many Case Fans should I use?

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Hey guys,
I'm wondering what computer case fan to buy for my Realan E-W80 case. I was wondering if one product is better than another and I am open to recommendations. I'm not particularly fussed about noise, all I want is decent cooling.
Oh and I nearly forgot, if anyone has an idea of how much benefit the fans will be to cooling my components and whether or not it is worth buying ,that would be great
Thanks in advance
more information about the case: http://www.minicase.net/product_E-W80.html

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How many doesn't matter as much as how they are fitted

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Building New PC – What/Ho ...

Ideally you want to suck air in through the front and **** it out the back, so I put as big a fan as possible in the front and then one or more depending on the case blowing out the back and I plug any holes in the bottom of the case and sides to prvent leakage of air either into or out of the case in places where I don't want it.

I tend to stick to Antec Fans as I use their Power Supplies and they just match up well.

The answer to cooling is way too difictult to answer as there are too many variables involved inside a computer case. Things like SATA Leads disturb the air flow and cause Hot Spots which are not easily overcome. The Old IDE Leads where even worse for this so you had to be very careful how you ran them. Provided you are not using Liquard Cooling fans will generally speaking provide enough air flow to cool the hot components of a M'Board provided you have the air flowing and not backing up on itself with no way out. or holes allowing air to exit or enter the case where it does little to nothing to provide cooling.

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