Building New System

By dmiles ·
Would like your input on what you think will be a good budget build

I have considered building on the LGA 775/P45 platform and the following for parts.
I am choosing the following board because I am unfamiliar with Gigabyte and can't find an Asus Brd.

Motherboard: Intel BoxDP45SG
Processor:Core Duo2 E7400
Graphics Card:nVidia 9 Series
Memory:Corsair DDR3 XMS

Open to your thoughts

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Should be OK

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Building New System

I would however be looking at Gigabyte M'Boards instead of Intel. I've just had much better results and far more reliability with Gigabyte. :0

Here is a full range of their 775 M'Boards but you may have to shop around to find places that sell the higher end Boards.

Just don't forget a decent Power Supply even if you use a crappy cheap case.


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I have so waited for this.

by santeewelding In reply to Should be OK

dmiles with -- what? -- 2651 Thumbs asks the trivial, as though not far more than capable of answering himself.

And, the HAL unit offline, his ethicality turned off.

dmiles, what the **** are you doing?

Would you elicit answers with the duplicitous ethic you evidence in your other post? Do you offhandedly test others?

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Looks as if you are speaking out

by The Master2 In reply to I have so waited for this ...

Just a little too much for my liking.

What are you trying to do become me?

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RE: dmiles, what the hell are you doing?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I have so waited for this ...

Like any of us asking a question to get feedback on something that want feedback on.

No matter who we are there is no way to know it all and there is nothing wrong with asking for help or advice when you want someone with a bit more hands on experience than you have for help. Just like all of us except Santee maybe we all like to have a bit of help once in a while.


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Re: Reply

by dmiles In reply to RE: [i]dmiles, what the h ...

Hal went with the
Corsair DDR3-XMX1333
Core 2 Duo E7500
The motherbrd is now RMA

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Don't Forget

by dmiles In reply to Should be OK

Went with NZXT Apollo
CoolerMaster 550W PS that I already had on hand

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personally I'd go with the Intel Core i7 950 quad

by CG IT In reply to Building New System

but for budget quads, I'd go with the AMD Phenom II 965 Black AM3, 125 watt quad. their $180 USD vs $500 for the Core i7 quad.

Motherboards? I've been running Gigabyte AM2+ and AM3 boards the last year or so, switching from MSI boards. So far their great.

Memory..I've used Patriot and OCZ memory also without any problems, but I don't overclock the processor.

Video? ATI right now is the best card built for the price. I used to be 100% nVidia, but ATI has gotten their drivers under tighter control than previously and they work great.

If the board handles 16 GB and you can afford the price, get 16 GB. Last year during the summer memory was cheap. Around $90.00 USD for 8 GB so I got 16. Can't say enough about what 16 GB of memory does for system performance. Windows 7 64 with 16 GB of memory and an ATI Radeon 4890 which is 256 bit memory interface. Would n't buy a video card that's 128 bit interface. The 256 bit give far more performance, in my opinion than any nVidia 9 or GTS 250 series cards.

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by santeewelding In reply to personally I'd go with th ...



Having been forestalled with the other word, beginning with, "w".

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System Build

by dmiles In reply to Harlot.

Einstein did not get to be a genious by keeping his theories in his head

I have no lack of confidence in asking questions and getting feedback before proceeding,no I do not test others,only to illicit some ggod feedback,possibly other tech peers ahd built system using similar parts.

The components I chose as flollows
Intel Motherboard - DP45SG
Core 2 Duo E7500 CPU
EVGA 9800-512MB-DDR3-PCIe
CoolerMaster 550W PS
Corsair DDR3-XMS1333
Build was assembled and found out the choice of boards may have been an issue,board is under RMA.
The "W" is more than a character reference that you try and cover up.

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The i7 is hardly for a budget system

by The Master2 In reply to personally I'd go with th ...

It retails for $899.00 AU here where as the Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 retails for $299.00.

Lets see at 3 times the price and needing a 1366 Socket M'Board it's way too expensive for a Budget system.

Personally depending on who the system was for I'd use AMD for Domestic Applications and the above Intel for a Commercial App. But then again all my customers require Intel CPU for their Business systems. Something about Intel being there for warranty if required where as AMD may not be.

I do however agree with you about the ATI Video Cards they are far Superior to NVidia at the moment.

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