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Building own pc for work

By monish.saini ·
Hi there! 9 Sept 2002
I need some advise if the system below I,m building is correct or not and also please advise if I could have built it for cheaper. I'm based in the UK!! Please list sources!!!
-ABIT 32MB nVidia Geforce 2 MX200 Graph card ?33.61
-Akasa Icicle 765 Socket A 1.4GHz CPU cooler ?5.12
-AMD Athlon Thunderbird SocketA 1.4GHz/266MHz OEM CPU ?53.56
-LGE 32x10x40 IDE OEM CD-ReWriter Driver ?42.56
-Mitsumi 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy disk ?5.12
-OEM ATX 300W MIDI Tower Case ?32.99
-Seagate ST360020A 60GB IDE ATA/100 54000rpm HDD ?60.45
-SOYO SY-K7V-Dragon plus! AMD Socket A Motherboard ?105.41
-512 MB PC2100 DDR RAM ?102.30
-Win2000 Professional OEM ?97.35

Total cost: ?538.40
Your suggestions are highly appreciated.Monish

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looks pretty good.....

by dafunk In reply to Building own pc for work
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2 suggestions

by TheChas In reply to Building own pc for work

Overall, your system looks good.

I would switch to an Abit motherboard.
I am just so impressed with their boards, that I can't recommend them enough.

On the RAM, if you are installing a single 512, it may be cheaper to install 2 256MB instead.
I know that my local dealers charge a significant premium for a single 512MB as compared to 2 256MB DIMMs.


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Buy it cheaper!!

by GuruOfDos In reply to Building own pc for work

Goto!! You will find better specced machines cheaper AND with a years warranty!! Avoid SOYO motherboards like the plague...their USB chipsets are temperamental at worst, many USB devices don't work properly!

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some price's

by pokan2000 In reply to Building own pc for work

hi bhai, you arepaying some higher price's for mem, your case & cd-rw are a ot cheaper in trinidad,W.I. ,in addation i can build same for less in carribean.price's are higher in england.
pooran kanta.

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