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Builidng Your Own Computer

By sasahil84 ·
Many people thinking to build a computer is extremely complex and something like rocket science, with all the little parts that must go together. The truth is, anyone can build a PC with the right guide and some confidence. All you need to build a computer is a Philips screwdriver, and the computer parts too of course! Many people tell horror stories of how they took apart their computer and now it doesn't even turn on. Don't let these stories scare you as they probably had no idea what they were doing in the first place. Building a computer is actually a hobby of many and can be very fun as you get a feel for it and some experience. You will become a big help to friends and family who are having hardware problems or need something installed in their PC.
Here are some rules you must always follow while building a PC to ensure success:

Make sure you have lots of room and enough lighting to see inside the PC. You will need room to move the computer around and access areas that may require a lot of space. Without proper lighting, you will not be able to see inside the computer and just feeling parts is not a good idea before you remove them.
Get all the proper tools you need to do the job. If you don't have the piece you are installing yet or are missing something don't take apart the computer. If you turn the job into a two-day task than it is very easy to forget or skip an important step.
Be very gentle with your computer. The parts inside are delicate and with too much force they can easily break or crack. Treat computer parts with the same care you would your new born baby.
Always keep instructions. There are many troubleshooting guides that come with your computer parts. Many times they answer problems you may come across and become very handy. Check reviews and listen to the experts, such as https://www.bestadvisor.com/
Keep your receipts. If a part fails before you even got a chance to use it, you will need to return it to the store you got it from. If you get rid of the receipt stores will often not take the item back.
Remember static electricity can fry parts of your PC. Make sure you are probably grounded before touching a computer. There are special tools that do this job.
Buying a magnetic screwdriver. These things are so handy if you accidentally drop a screw you can easily pick it up.

Don't be scared to work on your computer, I know it might be a hard concept to grasp but it honestly won't hurt you.

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Building Your Own Computer

by jane21august In reply to Builidng Your Own Compute ...

When building your own computer make sure to pick a reliable monitor that’s designed for high-end gaming (and also is future proof). I’d recommend something with fast refresh rates, a wide enough display, and a build that fits your overall gear and setup. Check out this helpful article on recommended gaming and computer parts:

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Building Your Own Computer

by Mramen07 In reply to Builidng Your Own Compute ...

When build your own Computers, remember to choose the high quality accessories. You can try this: <a href="https://thebestspec.com/best-ab-machines-at-gym/">Best Computer Accessories</a>

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