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    Built a computer and no signal found on monitor.

    by technooo_1 ·


    Hey guys, I’ve just built a pc and it powers on, the fans and led work. However, the monitor does not detect my pc and I am connecting it from the motherboards hdmi port because I don’t have a graphics card yet. Any help will be appreciated.

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      This may be fine depending on the monitor you have

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Built a computer and no signal found on monitor.

      But you should make sure that the thing is assembled correctly. If it’s in a case remove the M’Baord from the case place it on some white paper and then connect the Power Supply 1 RAM Module and the CPU then a monitor and see what happens when you apply power.

      Most M’Boards give off a beep when they perform their Power On Self Test so if you get nothing plug in the speaker that is in the case and apply power again. No Beep then pull the CPU off the M’Board and make sure it was correctly fitted to the M’Board.


      If you get a beep from the speaker but nothing on the monitor that will most likely because the M’Board needs a change in the BIOS to run the HDMI Port on it and without a monitor picture you are in the position of the Chicken and Egg which comes first. You need the monitor working to set the BIOS and to get a Picture on the Monitor you first need to set the BIOS.

      If that is the case here you are best waiting till you get a Video Card and then try again.

      However if it now works as it should look at how it was mounted in the case. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT NO MOUNTING STUDS CONTACT THE BACK OF THE M’BOARD IN ANY PLACE BUT UNDER A MOUNTING HOLE.

      So check that every mounting post is actually under a mounting hole in the M’Board and remove any that are not directly under a Mounting Hole. Also make sure that there is nothing at all inside the case that can come into contact with the back of the M’Board and if there is remove it.

      Also I should mention FAns Spinning and LED’s Lighting in no way implies that the Power Supply is working just that the 12 V Rail has voltage but not necessary any Amperage. All the other Voltage Rails could have 0 Volts present and the Power Supply is failed. The proper way to proceed then is to attach a Power Supply Tester one that not only shows Voltage but Amperage on a display panel. If you do not have one you can use a KNOWN GOOD Power Supply but if there is anything wrong on the M’Board you run the risk of blowing it so it’s cheaper to test with a Power Supply Tester.

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