Built a PC, can't pass startup Process ?

By sjon37 ·
I have built several PC's prior, newer setup is basic XCLIO tower w/ corsair 750PSU(compatibility?)
Intel DH55HC and i5 Processor,4GB Mem corsair, 240 1GB Invidia GPU,
160HD Maxtor, Blu ray Drive and the message reboot, boot from media/tthen system shut down and started beep sequence 8 beeps
thermal or waht listed in book/got to go on and went into
setup bios/cmos shut down while in system setup (should jumper setting was on setup) tried again
worked then reset jumper to normal, still have error message P16Ex or message media boot fail check cables? checked the cables
a bunch //////////the computer has yet to have any disc processed so this seems absurd
tried the MBord disc won't run!!!

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by NexS In reply to Built a PC, can't pass st ...

Fix your damn post.

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Well as I don't understand Yahoo Text Speak

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Built a PC, can't pass st ...

I think you are attempting to say here you have a Intel DH55HC M'Board with a i5 CPU in a case with a 750 W Corsair Power Supply with 4 GIG of RAM Fitted to the M'Board and a NVidia Video Card.

If the Blue Ray Optical Drive is a SATA Type it needs to be connected to the SATA 0 or 1 Port on the M'Board and then the HDD connected to the SATA 1 or 2 Port unless you have a RAID Array configured in which case you'll need to Read the Manual for this M'Board to find out where the Drives need to be connected to the M'Board SATA Sockets.

When you enter the BIOS for the first time you need to set the Date & Time double check that the CPU and installed RAM as well as the fitted HDD's are correct and then maybe set any SATA Drives to be addressed as IDE Drives if you have that option.

When you exit the BIOS you need to save the changes which with Intel M'Boards is pressing the Y Key followed by the Enter Key when prompted.

The error message P16Ex or message media boot fail check cables is referring to the PCI Express Socket here which normally has a Video Card fitted so you need to check that it is correctly inserted into the Socket and that the Supplementary 12 V DC Connector is inserted on the M'Board as well as any Power Connectors on the Video Card.

Or that the SATA Drives are not being seen by the system and they are on the wrong connectors. If you load the Optical Drive to the Highest SATA Connector on the M'Board they are sometimes not seen by the BIOS and are ignored till the OS is loaded at which time the Drivers for the OS see and use the drives connected to those higher SATA Ports, unless they are specifically set aside for use with AID Arrays Only.

If you are using a IDE/PATA Drive you need to set the Jumper to either Master and fit the drive to the end of the IDE Data Cable or CS Cable Select and then fit the Optical Drive to the end of the cable and the HDD to the middle connector of the IDE Data Lead.

If you do not fit the Supplementary 12 V DC M'Board Connectors or any Video Card Power Plugs the Video Card attempts to draw more power through the M'Board and will eventually melt the Copper Tracks between the 2 layers of the M'Board. Not to mention be unreliable if it works at all.

As for the M'Board Disc this only contains Drivers for the M'Board and maybe a Auto Start that runs from within a OS so you need to start loading the OS with a OS Install Disc, be that some form of Windows, or Linux, or BSD.

Then follow the prompts but to get the Optical Drive to read the OS Install Disc it need to be either on the 0 SATA Connector or the next lowest one after the RAID Array.

This all however presupposes that you have correctly mounted the M'Board to the case and that there are no shorts between the M'Board and the case from a incorrectly placed Stand Off. Or that the M'Board is twisted.

I think that is what you are asking here but I'm not really sure.

As for the Beeps 8 I think you mentioned What does the Manual say they mean? This should be listed under the BIOS Error Codes in the Appendix of the Manual or in the BIOS Setup Section of the Manual.


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